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I'm not that good with mods and I can't find the answer to problem in the internet. So basically when I started skyrim legendary edition I added the unofficial skyrim patch, unofficial dragonborn patch, unofficial dawnguard patch and the unofficial high resolution patch by copy pasting into the data folder of the game. I later installed the marriagemod by copy pasting into the data folder.

Then I got more into mods and installed mod organizer. Using mod organizer I installed some more mods. They all worked fine together in my playthrough but then I got interested in the Diverse Skyrim mod which needed the unofficial skyrim legendary edition patch(USLEEP). This was a problem because after a little research I found out that it's different than the unofficial skyrim patch from when I first started. Several sources mentioned that I should get the USLEEP swap masters script to fix the problem of having unofficial skyrim patch and USLEEP. All the videos showing how to install USLEEP mentioned that my load order should be:

Unofficial skyrim patch.esp>Dawnguard.esm>Unofficial Dawnguard patch.esp>Hearthfires.esm>Unofficial Hearthfire Patch.esp>Dragonborn.esm>Unofficial Dragonborn Patch.esp>Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp

So I tried changing the load order but it wouldn't move. The esm file names were in bold on mod organizer but the esp files except for USLEEP was in normal text. So I decided that Diverse Skyrim mod was too much work and I removed USLEEP and Diverse Skyrim so I could play with my original set of mods. When I ran the game though, none of my mods worked anymore. LOOT shows green checks on all my mods and I tried using LOOT to sort plugins and update masterlist but it still didn't work. No mods work in my game anymore.

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Sorry for the wall of text. I'm really bummed out that my mods won't work. Help would be appreciated.

These are my mods in load order:

(Unmanaged)Unofficial Skyri Patch

(Unmanaged)Unofficial Dawnguard Patch

(Unmanaged)Unofficial Hearthfire Patch

(Unmanaged)Unofficial Dragonborn Patch

(Unmanaged)Unofficial High Resolution Patch

High res texture pack 01

High res texture pack 02

High res texture pack 03

(unmanaged)marriagemod – alpha v3

Bijin NPCs v1.2

Bijin Wives v1.1

Bijin Warmaidens

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