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*Politely* reminding Zenimax that people STILL want to choose their start?

Content of the article: "*Politely* reminding Zenimax that people STILL want to choose their start?"


Zenimax should let players choose their own starting experience from among all the vanilla and expansion releases. Is there any way to, as a community, kindly and politely indicate interest in this?


Hey there! Old player here, played the original release on PS4 several years ago, and recently started over on the PC version.

So, uh… Morrowind is great and all, (no, really. It's great!) but it's not really the best place to start, and I have to imagine that it's not too terribly exciting for new players either, at least not when you compare it to Coldharbor.

I mean, I know you can go back and start the old main quest, but the way you do so now is just… bad.

Used to be that you started in a Coldharbor prison, with no idea of who you were and and how long you'd been there. Then, there's a prison break and you get pulled into the thick of it.

Now? (Mild spoilers, but not really)

You just get grabbed and bonked by Mannimarco, then see a strange demon face and, before you can even process what just happened and where you are, you're being broken out of a cell. A new player might not even understand what the heck is going on! (Are they alive? Dead? Where are they? Who was that guy? Etc, etc)

There's not even any real indication as to what that "Benefactor" quest is. A new player could just easily ignore it and completely lack context for many of the stories of the vanilla world.

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I see A LOT of threads on this subject going back years, but Zenimax juat keeps pumping out the expansions, and forcing players into whatever new start they cook up. All these new starts would be appreciated if they were CHOICES for EXPERIENCED players making new characters, rather than forcing all the newbies to go through them.

A starting experience is ABSOLUTELY VITAL because it sets the tone for the game and shapes the player’s expectations.

What do you think would be the best way to encourage Zenimax to make some changes in this department?


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