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Hi everyone, I'm new to PVP and I'd like to get good: I made a stamsorc WW and was having a super easy time below level 50, but after I got to lv50 I face the big boys in BGs (CP 700+ PVPers fully geared up with evil proc set combinations); I'm CP 360, massively behind both in terms of experience and gear.

I'm running a rather generic and easy to make sustain build (2 heavy, 5 medium, all Impen/sharpened with some tri stat enchant, max stam, wep dmg, all gold besides the purple trainee ring): Eternal Vigor + Stuhn's Favour + Torc of Tonal Constancy and a Trainee Ring. I made that to get good sustain in ww form but I'm not even using that form much, I'm too easy a target.

I face 3 main difficulties:

1- evil procs from sets that get me killed in 2-3 shots (noticed Caluurion and some venom crap mostly).

2- stuns and snares like no tomorrow (roll dodge doesn't even save me from NB ambush, I still get stunned).

3- enemies are much more experienced than me: they have buffs and regen on all the time, LA weave much better than me etc

1- I have no idea what to do against those

2- I found 2 possibilities: morph streak into ball of lightning (losing the stun, shame) or switch Crit Surge with Forward Momentum. I decided to go with the latter.

3- I have no idea where to practice against enemies of my caliber.

My bars look like this now:

Front bar: Forward Momentum (unmorphed), Streak, Executioner, D Swing, Res Vigor, WW Berserker

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Back bar: Hurricane, Camo Hunter, Bombard, Lethal Arrow, Dark Deal, Dawnbreaker of Smiting

I'm not sure about bow: it gets me some cheap kills against squishier enemies or busy ones but maybe 2w with quick blade, whirling blades and all buffs would be better? I'll take ww form down for now. Maybe Dawnbreaker on frontbar and Temporal Guard backbar as I've seen online.

I'll probably rebuild this ww into the vMA build and use a magsorc as primary PVPer.

Got any tips for me?


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