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Problems with creating custom Bound Weapons – Unique Magicka Sabers edition

Content of the article: "Problems with creating custom Bound Weapons – Unique Magicka Sabers edition"

Hello there. I've been trying to change the Sabers from the Magicka Sabers mods into bound weapons, and I'm having some problems with the process.

I've read this very short but helpful post on the nexus forums:

-first, in the ItemsWeapons, choose the sword that you want to use and change the ID to duplicate the sword, the new sword would be used for the spell

-do however you wish with the statistics of the newly created sword, but remember to check "Can't drop" and "Bound Weapon" flag

-duplicate the sword, make it stronger, this 2nd sword would be used instead if player choose the perk Mystic Binding

-in the MagicMagic Effect, you will find an effect called BoundSwordFFSelf, change the Assoc. Item 1 from BoundWeaponSword to the ID of your 1st created sword

-find BoundSwordMysticFFSelf, change BoundWeaponSwordMystic to your 2nd sword.

save your mod and test it in-game, if you want, you can also duplicate the magic effect and create new bound sword spell along with the original spell

Using the original Magicka Sabers mod, I was able to duplicate the Bound Sword Tome and spell to summon the lightsaber of my choice, but I couldn't figure out how make the laser blade appear. I figured the blade was part of the draw/sheathe animation that I hadn't cloned, but I couldn't find anything of the sort anywhere. To be clear, the weapon worked perfectly and dealt damage, but it didn't have the laser blade nor the sounds. It didn't have the magical flames either but I was fine with that.

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I added the sounds manually in the art tab of the weapons, but forgot to test if it worked before deleting everything. Since that mod looks like it's no longer supported, I tried with Unique Magicka Sabers, and choose two different sabers (only difference is blade color, but they are two completely different entries in the GECK), hoping to get one into the left hand and one into the right hand with the same spell, but I can't get this one to work.

This time I took a shorter route just to test the functionality of what I was doing before going on cloning the spell, but I found out I can only bound one weapon per spell (while I hoped the Left Hand and Right Hand Equip options would let me summon both with the same spell) and now not only the laser blades don't appear, but the lightsaber model is stuck inside the ghost bound weapon and its magic flames. It still got the sounds though, so it's one step forward, two backwards.

Before I go through the whole cloning process again and create weapons without laser blade, I have two questions:

How can I keep the laser blades in the final product? And is there a way to unlock the second associated item in EnchBoundSwordFX, or do I have to create two different spells?

Little bonus question: Is there an animation mod for 1h swords that lets me fight a bit like Ahsoka from The Clone Wars? Even just the reverse grip would be great, slighltly more acrobatic power attacks would be perfect.

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Edit: if what I want to do is not possible, I'd be fine with just making the game think those weapons are bound, and benefit from the Conjuration perks. With Additem menu I can place bound weapons in my inventory so not summoning them with a spell is not a problem.


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