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Project Announcement : Mages and Sorcerers ‘Item pack’

Hey everyone !

I’m Fafnir Etherion. The modder behind The Infinity Gauntlet, The Uchiha Clan Additions and, among other things, the Tales of Two Wasteland Overhaul for Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

I wanted to tell you about what I'm working on for dear old Skyrim. This idea has been creeping around the back of my mind for quite some time, but now, actual development has shifted to high gear. So, here's a preview of the new mod I'm working on for Skyrim Special Edition named « Mages and Sorcerers ».

What is Mages and Sorcerers ?

Mages and Sorcerers will be an 'item pack' that'll dynamically add dozens of unique and ( hopefully ) interesting items and spells to Skyrim.

Is Mages and Sorcerers only for magic-oriented characters ?

Of course not. While Magic-focused builds will find the overall content of the mod more appealing to them, warriors and especially thieves ( and everything in-between ) will also have relics that compliments their builds too. There'll be stuff for everyone to enjoy !

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Where will the new goodies be found ?

Pretty much everywhere. Right now, the few items I've created has been added to the leveled-list tables ( in a seamless, non intrusive manner ), but I intend to create a short dungeons for, at the very very minimum, two items. So you could open a chest in a dungeon and find one of my relics, or you could follow leads I scattered to find a specific artifact.

What can I expect from the items in term of abilities ?

That's the fun part ! My design philosophy is to provide very powerful items, balanced by a tricky or even a sadistic monkey's paw. For exemple, one of the item created for the mod right now is a Philosopher's Stone. You may use it to convert any kind of ore to another and you could even convert your own health, stamina or magicka into another stat ! However, you don't control the amount converted and the amount received. So you could easily end up dead if you aren't careful enough with your manipulations. My artifacts will be powerful or fun, but most of them will also be dangerous to use.

Hold on, 'Philosopher's Stone' ? That's not lore friendly.

You're right. It's not. However, I wouldn't say it's lore breaking either since 'Philosopher's Stone' is a pretty generic name to begin with. But fear not ! Lore books and notes explaining the artifacts origins and powers in a lore-friendly way will be added to your game if you want to know more about the stuff you'll be snatching. I also want to incorporate items from The Elder Scrolls lore to the mod. So inside my mod, there'll be totally original artifacts spiced up with existing items in the TES universe and also items inspired ( emphasis on INSPIRED ) on folklore, mythology and even pop culture.

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Can you tell us about items that are completed ?

As I said before, there's the Philosopher's Stone, but I also, for exemple, remade the Everflow Ewer from Oblivion. It's a pitcher that protects against frost magic, and it also have the ability to randomly freeze enemies when struck. It'll also have a secret ability when coupled with another item. I also made a Darkhold of eldritch, forgotten and forbidden knowledge, which, once every two days, when read, can improve one random magical skills by one point, but there's also have a HUGE chance of failing to absorb the book's knowledge, resulting in a debilitating curse or a powerful hostile spell cast on you. If books and Ewers aren't your cup of tea, there's also the Cup Of Manimarco, a goblet with incredible healing properties, but has to be refilled at a specific altar after each use.

When will the mod be available ? Will it be for XBOX One ?

If the file size allows it, I'll see if I can release it to As for the release date, I've been working on the mod almost every day for a week now, and it's not near completion at all. Please be patient. I'll post updates on the Nexus images and also on Reddit if there's enough interest.

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I've got an idea for an artifact I've always wanted to have but I never had the skills to create it myself.

Go ahead ! Please comment or DM me ( on Nexus ) and I'll be more than happy to read your ideas ! And if that's possible, I'll try my best to recreate it in the game.

So, there you have it ! I hope I have teased you enough to be interested in what could become a fun mod for every body. Please comment if you have questions, ideas, or if you want to know more about something. Have a good day everyone.


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