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[PS4] I’m normally pretty good at PvP but the other night I got annhilated and I’m just wondering what happened? LF advice.

So I started taking this game seriously back in January and during the Battleground event I discovered that I am apparently a god at it. I have several videos where I consistently get 20+ kills, pretty much every game I played I was an absolute menace. One game I even got 43 kills.

Now I know 1v1 duels are different and my squad was pretty good, but out in front of Grahtwood the other day, I dueled like 10 people and got shit on every time. Particularly one man named BIZZY (PS4 NA if you're out there) destroyed everyone using a MagBlade (which I wasn't aware existed). He was using Shallow Soul and Destructive Touch and never dying, I wish I knew more but he would kill me before I could react.

Now I'm a MagSorc and I used Caluu Legacy + Mothers Sorrow, Mages Fury on both bars, Force Pulse, Dark Conversation, Crystals, Crit Surge, Entropy, Soul Trap, and Haunting Curse. This was the setup I used to get 20 kills every game, though sometimes I would use the Ward and Aegis armor.

This is a lot of single target DoTs but it worked pretty well. But in the 1v1s I didn't even have the time to use them before dying.

Just wondering if anyone has any good Sorc Builds. I've tried the PvP build that Alcast suggested but its more tanky and not quite my style.

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Anyway, Im actually so impressed by the power of that Magblade that I've started a Nightblade character. So any suggestions with MagSorc PvP or MagBlade would be appreciated. Or if anyone has any idea what the hell that guy was doping, let me know.


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