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PS4 Mod Load Order: Need Help Please

Content of the article: "PS4 Mod Load Order: Need Help Please"

I need help with mods order for PS4 please. I followed/ used most of the mods and the order from this popular youtube video that specifically pertained to the PS4. I'm not positive it all works though and the guy at the end of the video basically says he doesn't know how to do mod orders just messed around and claims it all works great. The biggest issue for me is wanting to add other mods besides just the ones he used and put it his order. The mod in particular the I really want to use is Volgon Estate but it won't work in his order and I also tried following the general census of ordering mods from what I found online and still couldn't get Volgon Estate to work properly. Below is the list of mods I would like to use, I'm open to removing any that you all believe isn't working because it's the does the same thing as another mod etc. Just trying to get my Skyrim running the best it can and this issue has me constantly restarting my character and trying to fix the mods. Also open to other PS4 players Mod lists as well, thanks!



All map locations discovered

350+ NPCs converted to pc presets

Volgon Estate

Kato's Ivarstead

Kato's Falkreath

Kato's Riverwood

Kato's Whiterun

Whiterun – a city full of life

Dawnstar – a city full of life

The great city of solitude

FOS – Forests of Skyrim

Dense Grass

Whiterun River trees

Lampposts of skyrim: special edition

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Skyrim is windy

guard's armor replacer

cheat mod

infinite chest (cheat chest)

ANA's skyrim texture overhaul

rain and snow fx

tls undullifier ps4

dolomite weathers and lighting

NLA – natural lighting aesthetics

epic enhanced console graphics

less yellow filter

more snow on the road

New grass/ green skyrim

water – water and terrain enhancement

smooth shores of ilinata

ele interior lighting overhaul

no interior shadows

faster leveling

{ps4} player carry weight increase

immersive citizens

realistic conversations

rich merchants of skyrim

better horses

That's everything, I'd greatly appreciate any help someone can provide me, thanks!


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