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PUG Diaries – EP 1

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So, I love pugging, its probably one of my favorite things to do on eso. Truely; because rarely do you find a middle ground, either the group is bad or its good, on rare occasions its ok and you get the complete. On this occasion, welp So I que into vet Castle Thorn.

Group Comp

Warden Tank Stamblade Magcro (Me) Templar Healer

So imediately I take a look around, our healer is rocking 30k health and im like bruhh and the tank kindly lets us know its the first time they been in there and asks for mechs, everybody was like ok cool So we start, genuinely everything is going ok, we are killing stuff, adds aint a problem, then we get to the first boss, the guard dog. We get through this one no problems, we told the tank just to keep up taunt, no real mechs required and me n the blade had ok burn so it was fine. But I could tell our tank was gonna struggle a bit with the next boss, it was just a feeling.

So fast forward some more add pulls and we get to the glorious Blood Twighlight Boss. So I tell our tank friend, taunt the boss in the middle and just chain the imps in, then when hes in his unkillable phase we just get out of the middle. He responds, "I don't have chains", hmm ok what about silver leash, "Nope", ah well ok no problem. Now look, a pull ability isnt make or break for this boss but tanks out there, invest in some sort of pull ability. So we begin and the clapping starts, boy that boss went to town on our tank. We would be fine until the unkillable phase and that 2 hand add would pop up and just clap our tank. After 3 pulls of nonstop clappage our tank decided that was it and left.

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Now I main a dk tank so I was going to offer to switch however our stamblade said he had a tank and he'd done this 6 or 7 times. Personally, when somebody starts justifying how many times they have done a particular dungeon/trial/content I get worried. But allas, who am I to argue, so they switch and we pug que for another dps. Now our new dps was a stam dk and lets just say he was on the lighter end of the scale dps wise but i digress, our stamblade swapped to a warden tank, you already know how i feel. We begin and he wants to just pull the boss to the corner and ignore the imps; look, I dont argue with my supports so sure, whatever, lets do it. Boy that 2 hander don't play around. It was unreal, all the tank go to's came out too, "I was bar swapping", "Ran out of stamina", "Im getting zosd", "My ice staff should be able to take the hit" I was there like, yea ok.

Anyway by some miracle we make it past the conal guantlet phase and we kill the boss, this was like after 10 or so pulls. At this point I am contemplating leaving, because lets be real, there is another two hander waiting for us at the next boss and we aint gonna make it. But I stay and sure enough the clappage continued at the next boss. After about 3 pulls our tank and dps had had enough. I ended up getting my two friends and we got the clear.

Again, I love pugging.

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