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Pugs aren’t all bad…

Content of the article: "Pugs aren’t all bad…"

The following is why I enjoy this game and why I enjoy dungeon pugs:

I'm still fairly new to this game, but I'm beginning to 'get it.' Queued up for the Scalecaller Peak pledge on normal as a healer. I've only attempted this dungeon once a long time ago and never made it past Orzun & Rinaerus before the group quit. I was really excited about this one having a few more levels and much more experience under my belt! After exchanging hello's, the tank announced "I'm a noob." Crap. I'm thinking the worst, but let's see how we do.

We get to Orzun & Rinaerus and wipe after a solid battle. No worries, I ain't no quitter, and we go at it again. We finally beat them and get to Doylemish. We wiped a couple of times when the tank asked for advice. I picked up on the mechanics pretty quickly and tossed out some ideas along with the rest of the group. We wiped again. As we regrouped, we all came up with a better plan, including me switching to dps so I can help take out the orbs and free our stoned teammates. Once we started again, it was beauty in motion how well everyone came together and executed the plan. We freed each other when turned to stone and got after the orbs. We killed the boss with relative ease. I knew then we had a chance!

I remained as dps, as the group was doing well healing themselves. Once we reached the Matriarch, we wiped. Then wiped again. Once again, we came up with a plan and beat her with ease. I feel at that point, everyone's confidence was secure. We're going to wipe, but we're all in and going to make it.

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We rumbled along and made it to the plague concocter. What a battle! Once again we wiped a couple of times before we came up with a solid plan. Team members were dying here and there and one person managed to rez us all when 3 of us went down. We got back on our feet and finished him. The last boss, Zaan, was pretty easy and we completed the dungeon.

No one was truly impressive skill wise, but we were all decent. Teamwork and determination got us through that dungeon. The "noob" tank should be proud, very proud, as he tanked his butt off! Conversations were positive and everyone was cool playing their part of each plan. By the end of the dungeon it felt like I've been playing with these guys for months. It was truly epic! Working together as a team can overcome challenges that otherwise would not be possible.


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