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Hey, all. I love all reading Elder Scrolls lore, but I haven't done much playing. (I've only 100%'d Skyrim, no other games.) Morrowind's lore seems very complex and unique, so I decided to start Morrowind. In Skyrim, I played a pure mage, which I managed to make extremely efficient, and when I hit the DLCS I could cast spells for no magicka. Morrowind seemed appealling because in Skyrim, a pure mage doesn't feel like a wizard, who can cast spells and manipulate the world around him. All there was was boring spells. (Y'know, Damage, More Damage, Alot of Damage, Buff, More buff, Heal, More heal, ect.) Morrowind, when I started researching it, seemed to allow the Mage I never got to play in Skyrim. The wizard who could do a bunch of crazy, super versatile spells. So, I researched character creation, and thought I created a decent mage. (I thought decent because I knew I skipped some things that could make my character better in exchange for fluff, like I chose dunmer over breton because a Neravarine seems to most fit a dark elf.) But, I may have screwed up. Magicka doesn't replenish, unless I rest. Which is very annoying and un-immersive. I will show my starting build, and some mistakes I think I made. I have already spent alot of time exploring the area around Seyda Need Pelgiadad, and Balmora and I don't want to restart, despite still being around level five. This also made me level up speed and agility instead of intelligence and willpower. Please take alook at my character creation and see if I can still pull off a pure mage without the magicka pool issues, and what I can do to make my character more efficient. I don't want to have to restart.

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Overall Issues: Magicka pool is small. Annoying that I always have to rest, or whack enemies with a sword (and miss). My spells fail often. Each enemy is like a boss fight. Worried that pure mage will never be efficient due to starting choices. I am also worried because lots of my levels were spent on athletics and acrobatics from exploring, and thus agility and speed, instead of intelligence and willpower. I also don’t want to rely completely on enchants. WHAT CAN I DO TO COMPENSATE FOR MY CHOICES TO MAKE AN EFFICIENT PURE MAGE? HOW SHOULD I CHOOSE MY ATTRIBUTES WHEN I LEVEL UP? ENDURANCE VS WILLPOWER VS INTELLIGENCE?

My starting choices, and stats for level 1:

Race: Dunmer

Why/Problems: I chose Dunmer over Breton and High Elf (Despite Breton and High Elf being much better for a Mage) for fluff. It seems more immersive to me to play the Nerevarine as a Dark elf. However, comparing this to a Breton seems like my Mage will never be as efficient as a Breton Mage, due to the inferior Magicka pool.

Specialization: Magic

Why: Magic for a mage.

Favorite Attributes: Intelligence and Endurance.

Why/Problems: Intelligence because that affects my maximum magicka. Endurance because I need health. Should I have chosen willpower instead of endurance? My spells fail frequently. Or does it not matter what I chose?

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Major Skills:

Destruction – I need to do some damage.

Problems: None that I know of.

Restoration – Need to heal.

Problems – It sucks up Magicka.

Alteration – Fun.

Problems – Don’t use it as much

Speechcraft – Need to persuade people.

Problems – Don’t use that much.

Illusion – Need some stealth.

Problems – Do I need a stealth skill to supplement invisibility spells?

Minor- Alchemy, mysticism, enchanting, athletics, light armor.

Level 1 Stats/Starting Stats:


Strength: 40

Intelligence: 50

Willpower: 30

Agility: 40

Speed: 50

Endurance: 50

Personality: 30

Luck: 40


Restoration: 35

Destruction: 45

Alteration: 35

Speechcraft: 30

Illusion: 35


Alchemy: 20

Mysticism: 25

Enchant: 20

Athletics: 20

Light Armor: 20

Misc Skills:

Block: 5

Armorer: 5

Medium Armor: 5

Heavy Armor: 5

Blunt Weapon: 5

Long Blade: 10

Axe: 5

Spear: 5

Conjuration: 10

Unarmored: 10

Security: 5

Sneak: 5

Acrobatics: 5

Short blade: 15

Marksman: 10

Mercantile: 5

Level 5 Stats/My current stats:


Strength: 44

Intelligence: 54 (Too low?)

Willpower: 39 (Way too low, probably)

Agility: 42

Speed: 63

Endurance: 50 (Should this be way higher?)

Personality: 30 (Too low?)

Luck: 40


Restoration 35

Destruction: 59

Alteration: 36

Speechcraft: 30

Illusion: 35


Alchemy: 22

Mysticism: 26

Enchant: 20

Athletics: 33

Light Armor: 29

Misc Skills:

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Block: 5

Armorer: 5

Medium Armor: 5

Heavy Armor: 5

Blunt Weapon: 5

Long Blade: 16 (Using it as backup, rarely hit, just got bound weapons. Should I switch to short blade or dagger, bc I’m a mage?)

Axe: 6 (Idk why)

Spear: 5

Conjuration: 11

Unarmored: 23

Security: 6

Sneak: 5

Acrobatics: 33

Short blade: 16

Marksman: 10

Mercantile: 6

PS: I got the mentor's ring


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