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Question about adding/removing essential mods in The Phoenix Flavour

Content of the article: "Question about adding/removing essential mods in The Phoenix Flavour"

Hey all, so I pretty much just completed The Phoenix Flavour's list, except there is a mod not included in the guide that I absolutely must have (Interesting NPCs), and there are a few "mandatory" mods in the guide that I really do not want to use, most notably favoring JK's Skyrim full version to the lite version and forgoing the Arthmoor town mods that JK's Skyrim would conflict with. There are a few others, like the Oak Trees mod, Common Clothes, and Yngol's Armor.

The problem arises when I download the final conflict patch and there are missing masters for the mods I listed above. Obvious stuff I know, and I know The Phoenix Flavour says it really isn't supposed to be edited at all, but I'm a picky eater and thought I would ask anyway. I know they offer support on the Discord for adding mods afterwards, but I'm not so sure about removing them and I'm a little worried about getting shouted out of the server for it.

My question is: is there a way to basically remove those mods from the Conflict Resolution Patch that I am not using while keeping all the rest? I am not nearly savvy enough to be able to do this without instruction. If not, is the patch so necessary that my game would be ruined without it? It seems so, but I thought I would ask about that too.

If need be, I can download the clothing mods and just deal with them (even though I really dislike everything in Common Clothes), but I absolutely despise the way that oak tree mod looks, and I would really rather not use Arthmoor's mods over JK's if I can help it. I also don't know just how bad adding Interesting NPC's would be to the mod list, I installed the patches for it in every mod that offered them while going through it, however.


Sorry if there is an incredibly obvious answer here that I'm just not seeing, I've been using this guide ever since it came out but it's never been so un-modular before. I don't want to give it up as it fits my tastes so perfectly outside of 1 or 2 things.


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