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Question about creating patches with xEdit

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Hello!I've got a working load order with most of the mods I want but I'm running into some minor issues with armour and faces being wrong. I've sorte my LO with LOOT and I'm now creating some patches for the mods that seem to create these issues. Mostly it's seemingly unrelated mods (armour "overhaul" mods) that slightly mess up NPCs faces.

I'm not going to ask for a general fix all solution but rather I have some specific questions / assumptions I want to try and get answered / confirmed.

Some mods seem to reference (copy? Not solid on the terminology) records from vanilla. Some of these mods needs to be loaded later in my LO (according to LOOT). Because these mods are loaded later in my LO they overwrite my NPC/Armour overhaul mods.

An example: Heavy Legion modifies the armours for many Legion NPCs but in doing so it also changes the values for many of face related records to be the same as vanilla. This overwrites my Men of Winter install. See screenshot here:

Question 1: Why was the mod created this way? My assumption is that in order to modify what armour that NPC uses they need essentially recreate the whole NPC and so they need to include these values. If they had left out the armour let's say and left that blank the NPC would be naked because the last plugin modifying it did not include it. Is this correct? (I believe this is what is referred to as 'the rule of one' but it's central to my next question so I want to make sure I've understood it correctly).

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Question 2: Because Morrowloot Ultimate modifies many NPCs for levelled list reasons it breaks many of the NPC mods I have leading to weird looking faces. I am patching these now. If my above assumption is correct to create a patch I need to "copy as override" MLU, name it "MLU – Men of Winter patch" or something along those lines, and carefully copy all the face related records from the NPC mod to my new patch. I need to do this individually for every NPC where there is a conflict between MLU and an NPC mod. Correct?

Question 3: Due to MLU being loaded so late in my LO it will essentially override most of the NPCs and reset their records to vanilla in many cases. I understand I am expected to created a bashed batch to deal with levelled list aspect of this but I don't see a realistic way to use both MLU and other mods that changes NPCs. If all my other mods that modify NPCs are being overwritten by MLU and my Question 1 assumption is correct, will not all NPCs have their faces, hairs, armours, items and perks reset to vanilla values? This is clearly not the case as I have plenty of NPCs looking the way the should

I feel like I'm missing something essential in my understand here. Any help in clearing this up is appreciated.

Edit: MW:


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