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Quiet Casting Implementation (Mod Design)

Its always bugged me a little the way quiet casting was implemented, so I've up with a different way it could be done that I would like to implement and I'm looking for validation of the concept and any suggestions. As a note my modding experience is limited to making xEdit patches at the moment.

As far as design essentially I want to make the noise of your spells a passive ability that depends on the spell in question and your highest of either Illusion/Sneak skill.

Each spell will be given a base sound value and a softness coefficient. This coefficient would multiply your variable illusion/sneak skill level and through this you would get your actual sound value.

Sound = Base Sound (BS) – (Softness Coefficient (SC) * Skill Level (SL))

Sound would range from 0-100 with 0 be silent and 100 being vanilla.


  • Fireballs would start at 100 BS and would have a SC of .5 so that at 100 SL it would be half as loud.
  • Muffle would start at 25 BS and would have a SC of 1 so that at 25 SL it would be silent.
  • Invisibility would start at 50 BS and would have a SC of 1 so that at 50 SL it would be silent.

And so on, just sort of based on common sense and a bit of balancing.

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There is an even simpler implementation where all spells have the same base sound and the coefficient is variable. So Fireball would still be .5, but muffle would 4, and Invisibility would be 2, etc.

This would be even closer to the idea of making it like the spell cost reduction based on skill level

** End Edit**


  • How does spell sound design (from a enemy detection standpoint) work in vanilla, is everything the same until you get quiet casting and then everything is silent?
  • Implementation: The same way your skill level reduces spell cost here your skill level would reduce noise level.
  • How is quiet casting implemented? Is it just multiply sound by 0 which sets everything to silent? Because if it is then this would be compatible with the perk and perk overhauls as its just a passive and if you didn't like it you could just get the perk and forget about this mod.
  • So finally having never designed a mod does this make sense and could you point me to a couple guides that might help in doing this specifically?


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