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Quit playing so much removal!

I wasn't gonna make this post but after playing maybe 50 games this weekend on the ladder I've decided I'll give the community a bit of advice.

Quit with all the removal spells!

Seriously, so so so many of the games I've played recently are people playing a whole bunch of removal spells in their decks.

I see people playing removal that isn't even considered to be worth while, on top of the usual good removal.

I had a game where I won against a person who ended the game with 14 removal spells in their graveyard. Yeah… That's excessive.

But this isn't me being salty, I find it sad and funny more than annoying because TES:L isn't like, say Magic. You can't do hardcore control and then pull one or two good cards to keep on the board and win. It magic you can basically use a couple Teferis or something and spam control to keep them alive. Because in Magic control is cheap.

In TES:L, the most obvious control is removal spells. But they're expansive! Spending every turn removing a creature or two won't win you the game. Because what happens is you run yourself out of card advantage. You remove and remove and remove but you can only remove so much. You will usually get overwhelmed with too many things to deal with. And then you plop out your win-con creatures and they get removed, because if you're against a more well constructed deck they'll be holding a card or two that remove for the occasion. Removal is a last resort in this game. It's too expensive to use as your main form of control.

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I don't understand what it is, maybe because people see filling their decks with removal as the only form of control. But the best control in this game comes in the form of creatures that control. It's all about maintaining a controlling the game AND keeping a board presence. Thing Ancano, Sanctuary Pet, Odaviing.

If you keep 12-16 removal spells in your deck, they're one-off things that only delay your opponent, they DON'T put you ahead. Rarely anyway.

What puts you ahead is removing their creatures but keeping your own. Look for cards that do that. Assassin's Ritual is a good example. It's cheap and it can remove an enemy creature while protecting yours.

Maybe I haven't explained well enough, but here's a recap of my ideas:

-using bunches of expensive removal spells only delays your opponent, it doesn't put you ahead. -the best control isn't immediately obvious -the best control will usually keep your board presence but remove your opponent's

Lastly, remember this incredibly essential concept to card games: Card advantage.

Card advantage, in short, is the idea that you maintain access to more cards than your opponent. Cards that trade one for one delay, they don't win. This is why drawing cards is so incredibly valuable in card games.

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I hope this is somewhat educational. I'm a huge card game nerd, but I'm no pro, so if anyone has anything to say to critique my evaluation, please do so respectfully. I really mean this to be a sincere thing, not condenscending.

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