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Random game speed bug

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My skyrim install was working perfect for a couple weeks. Started a few different playthroughs with no problems, not a single crash or anything of the like.

Then tonight, while doing the Goldenglow estate quest, the game speed suddenly sped up out of nowhere. Lockpicking would speed up and I'd break my picks more easily, if I read a book in my inventory the pages would flip incredibly fast. I also noticed that my Steam FPS counter in-game was showing a constant 36 frames, which is odd because in interiors (with rudy enb) I usually get a solid 60 FPS and exteriors a solid 50-60.

I tried several fixes and came up with interesting results. iFPSclamp=0 in the skyrim.ini did nothing. stgm command did nothing. And in-case you wanted to suggest this, the CTRL+printscreen command actually sped up the game even more so that wasn't the problem either.

What did seem to (halfway) solve the problem was disabling vsync in my ENB settings. As far as I know this was enabled the whole time, but after disabling it tonight my FPS instantly went back to normal and the game speed too. The only **lingering** problem is that the game is still sped up only when I'm crouching. And I don't know how to fix that or why it happens specifically when I crouch. I can stand up, read a book, flip pages normally, then crouch and read the same book and the pages flip incredibly fast and the crouching animations play faster too. The FPS stays at 60 though.

tl;dr game randomly sped up for no reason, disabled enb vsync fixed it but the problem persists only when I crouch.

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EDIT: so, aside from that odd bug where the ENB settings suddenly locked me at 36FPS without any of my own input, the problem is more or less resolved? the ONLY issue I have now is that reading books when crouched still acts as if the game speed is 2x. but lockpicking is at normal speed when crouched. also, whenever i flip a page in a book the pages flicker for a split second and i dont remember it always being that way. there is definitely something screwy with books.

i'm tempted to leave it as is. if the same problem occurs later then i will try to disable SSE engine fixes.


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