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(Rant) I’m not good enough for this game.

Content of the article: "(Rant) I’m not good enough for this game."

Honestly I am really jealous of the people who can play this game well by following mechanics perfectly, DPSing great while managing to light weave attack and stay close to the GCD. My brain only seems to let me do one of the things at a time, if that.

I’ve posted twice about my DPS problems and gotten a lot of tips, but I literally cannot improve much. When I don’t think / focus hard, what feels normal to me is using my skills a lot faster than the GCD which ends as me pressing each skill key 2-4 times before it goes off. I have to really struggle to slow down and follow a rotation. And even if I slow down and follow a rotation on a dummy, it isn’t practical when I’m trying to follow mechanics and constantly moving etc. — it just isn’t set in my brain or muscle memory, and it doesn’t matter how much I try to practice on a dummy because I’ve already been doing that for hours a day and am getting nowhere.

I think my light weaving problem stems from pressing the keys too fast. The timing is way off obviously. Light attack, (slight wait for it to go off), skill, then WAITINGG is not normal to me. I really am urged to keep pressing the skills multiple times before they go off because it feels like it should be instant all the time. I don’t know how else to explain that, and I haven’t really heard anyone else complaining that the combat is too slow.

I just don’t get it. It frustrates and DEPRESSES me that I can’t play this game better. I love the game, but I freaking hate the way DPS works (because it isn’t normal to me or reacting to my skills as quickly as I do, and I can’t seem to make myself get the right timing and pattern down)

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I always had the best or near the best DPS on Aion. ESO, I swear I am the worst 810+ CP that exists. Just today I am relatively sure that a CP200ish was out dpsing me by a lot. Really feel like giving up because I want to cry with how frustrated I am to be honest.

I could try a role other than DPS. But I also suck at remembering mechanics sometimes and have little to no experience tanking or healing on this game. not saying much, since I can barely DPS either, despite trying very hard. It’s bad enough that I die to mechanics sometimes as it is, it would be worse if I were bad tank or healer with no backup.

Should I really just find a different game to play? I was hoping New World came out this year, but it didn’t. I don’t know how the combat in that is though – might be the same problem all over.


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