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Reading the The Infernal City: Update (Spoilers if not read)

As of about 30 minutes ago I finished The Infernal City after ravaging it through 3 long sessions. Really wished I would’ve packed Lord if Souls for my vacation trip because I did not expect to be finished so quickly with the first one. I saw many people say the book was “meh” and that if it wasn’t Elder Scrolls that they wouldn’t have given it the time of day. I thought, however, that it was extremely well written and the unique nature of Umbriel really kept me turning the pages with its alien characteristics. I like to learn every bit of info I can and was this book was downright full of awesome information concerning the gap between Oblivion and Skyrim which angers me that more of these events weren’t mentioned in the latter. You think a floating city hauling ass and tearing shit up would warrant a book or something in the ingame universe detailing the events but instead we get the same reprinted books with good ol’ Lifts-Her-Tail. I wasn’t too torn up about this though as it saved me from spoilers that would no doubt show up in the last novel so it’s really cool having the edge on your seat feeling with the Elder Scrolls again. The author, Greg Keyes, really outdid himself though learning not only lore information that’s mostly circulated outside of the games but even stuff that was prevalent in Oblivion. For example I thought it was badass that Attrebus mentioned the Shrine of Clavicus Vile that was situated in the Great Forest right beside the Imperial City that you go to in the game, for a person who’s played ungodly amounts of Oblivion it’s extremely immersive to hear little details that remind you that these characters are traveling where I once did 40 years before. I also want to give a shout out to the mod makers of Beyond Skyrim: Bruma as with every sentence of dialogue in that mod I swear they do a call back to something mentioned in this book. They took their lore seriously in their mod writing and it shows greatly, nothing but admiration for that team. Regarding other things, it was refreshing to read and see what everyday conversations between people living in this universe are actually about instead of “HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE HIGH ELVES?!” And “YOU TOO!” Attrebus talking to Radhasa about the legends of the Towers and how they hold up Mundus for instance is a good one. For my favorite character so far it’s safe to say with what little I have seen of Colin, with his interaction between him and his homie from the Imperial City, I like him a lot with how he treats his old friends. He also spends a lot of time remembering the Colovian Highlands which I felt was something that was missing from the games. I wish in Oblivion we would’ve had more emphasis of the differences between the Nibenese and Colovian cultures. All in all though I throughly enjoyed myself and will be recommending the series to my friends!

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