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Reason why lag makes a big difference in deciding who wins in the arena.

Hi everyone, so I know lagging is part n parcel of the arena n everyone from bottom to the number 1 player experience lagging issue. I really wanted to list out why your latency/ping plays a big role in determining the probability of who wins the round in arena. These list of reasoning will be one of the answer to why I think arena isn’t a fair game for every player.

-When lagging, doing criticals is almost impossible

-When lagging, animation display might not be the same timing between you n your opponent

-When lagging, weapon swing attack register few milliseconds later, in a close match, this would make a big difference.

-When lagging, RE takes a little longer casting time to properly activate.

-When lagging, cooldown timer might not display correctly

-When lagging, activating your skill might take a few milliseconds of delay, this might cost some players in close round

-When lagging, your shield high block raise might be delay, causing you to unable to time properly to stun opponent

-When lagging, it might be a sign of disconnection, costing precious arena points lost

-When lagging, hits don’t even register n result in ghost swings

-When lagging, opponent appears to hits you but no dmg was taken

-When lagging, raise shield might appear invisible

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-When lagging, especially against a powerful opponent of lower trophy than you, losing due to lagging reason might drop you a lot down the arena.

-When lagging, the 20% stun reduction bonus don’t even activate properly, making it useless when stun by your opponent.

So basically these r just some of what lag can do to you in the arena n these little things might be very decisive in close round. Many might say it isn’t that big of deal but you can’t ignore that they do play some type of roll in saying who would win. There might probably be more problems that bad ping can do to players but these r the major ones which I accumulated from experimenting n experienced after 1 year of playing arena, certain source were also collected from other arena players.


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