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Redo the first regions/cities of the base game ?

Content of the article: "Redo the first regions/cities of the base game ?"

Between the regions of the base game and those of the DLC … We feel a big difference that those who are content with the base game without ESO + do not see. A very MMO base game while the Chapters and DLC are worthy of TES solo with obviously the graphic touch of ESO. And those who don't like the slightly cartoonish side of ESO don't even know what the game was supposed to look like originally… They come from extremely far away.

Like the base game styles of weapons and armors which are now remastered with the “ancestral” versions, why not consider revising the base regions ?

I am going to talk more particularly about the cities … And I insist on one thing: not to remake absolutely all the cities. Not to keep a nostalgic trace of the beginning of the game but simply because certain architectures seem logical in certain places.

> We feel that each city has its specificities. But the architecture remains the same everywhere.

> All Breton towns have the same architecture. Which is absolutely a shame because we do not feel the influence of the Direnni in Breton culture. It would take more forts and towns with medieval architecture … Vary. Of course, it would be unfortunate to lose the basic Breton architecture if it was removed completely. Note also that this architecture had to be redone before the game's release because it was originally extremely cartoon.

> Ditto for the redguard towns with the crude towers … In fact, I have this feeling that the Convenant had originally taken a very cartoonish fold except that the luminosity and the textures save face.

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> I am not sufficiently informed for the Pact … But I always find this typical Asian architecture on the dunmer lands. Does not each House have its own architecture? It would nevertheless be interesting to keep a few examples of this architecture in well-defined corners.

> That of the argonians? Let's not talk about it. I think the Blackwood border and Murkmire are a rectification from its giant shit that the Argonians supposedly lived in at the start.

> I don't know what to think of the ""New Gate" of Windhelm". This Windhelm was designed before the version of Skyrim was supposed to be the same from the start of his history. Redo Windhelm like in Skyrim? Yes. Redo Riften ? No … It would be interesting to keep Riften as it is with this architecture which is very well exploited on Falkreath.

> The architecture in Auridia … If the colony is new like most of the aldmeri's constructions in Valenwood, I am not saying no. In the sense that it would be the architecture of the first Aldmeri Dominion extending into its allied territories. But it would be good to review the cities that existed long before Ayrenn and his Dominion, I doubt the queen has decided to remake the walls of each of her colonies on Auridia.

> I really like the base game's khajiiti architecture … although it differs and is ridiculed from the Season of the Dragon versions. The town of Dune, supposedly a gem, is fine as it is but … It is still a huge monastery with more trading areas than a town. We'll have to see…

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> Valenwood… Yes, it would be nice to see again… Uh.. Everything? Many complain about Valenwood, saying that it is not wooded, referring to border areas outside the forest (Reaper March for example). But even in the wooded area, the trees are quite coarse as if they absolutely need to take up space and limit the number of props on the map. I am thinking of the promotional image for "tracker" which would match what the region would look like if released now.

> Nibenese architecture? I have no complaints about this.

> The architecture of the Second Empire ? I think this is the best architecture in the base game in the sense that each colonies (mostly abandoned) is marked by this distinct Empire period in architecture. This architecture means that it dates from the Second Empire or that the Second Empire left its mark on the colony. Hence the reason why the simple fact of saying that it is the colovian architecture (Strident Springs clearly mentions the name of the architecture. Why seek and interpret texts that only speak of the resources surrounding Arenthia to build the city ?) would then make this obsolete architecture.

In fact, a reappearance of this architecture in future content related to Cyrodiil and its colonies would absolutely not bother me … Unlike an architecture such as the "ancient Colovian" of Skingrad if it extended everywhere beyond Skingrad .

Chorrol, Bruma (who is Nordic), Cheydinhal too small and to be redone? I do not agree. On the contrary, I find their imagery in ESO very interesting.

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Ah yes … The banners of the cities. There is none or it is that of their alliance which is badged on all the walls.


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