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ReferenceAlias Script Trouble

I'm having some trouble with a reference alias script. I'm working on a mod which makes telekinesis deal damage based on the weight of the object which is thrown. I have a quest which attaches a script to the throwable items nearest to the player. The script uses the OnGrab event to detect being grabbed by telekinesis (I have confirmed that this works). The problem I am running into is that I can't find a way to get an ObjectReference for the item which is being thrown. I need this so that I can get the weight of the item. I've tried using "self" but this appears to only point at the script and not the object. I've also tried GetReference, but this also doesn't seem to help. I'll post the current version of the script below.

*Edit: I've also now tried using the Game.GetPlayerGrabbedRef() function. I still have the same issue, however. I'm using a notification to tell me what I'm holding, and the notification tells me I'm holding

Scriptname TT_WeightToDamage extends ReferenceAlias

Scriptname TT_WeightToDamage extends ReferenceAlias

Event OnGrab()

ObjectReference Throwable = Game.GetPlayerGrabbedRef()

Float Weight = Throwable.GetWeight()

Debug.Notification("This is" +Throwable)

Debug.Notification("Weight is" +Weight) 

Float TotalDamage = (2*Weight)

Debug.Notification("Total Damage is" +TotalDamage) 

Game.SetGameSettingFloat("fMagicTelekinesisDamageBase", TotalDamage)

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if Game.GetPlayer().GetEquippedWeapon().GetWeight() > 10.0

Debug.Notification("Your weapon is heavy!")



Thank you for any help you can provide.


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