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Regarding the dragonborn and the confusion of the multiple pantheons of Nirn

I'm not a deep lore reader, and my only experiences with TES have been Skyrim, Morrowind, and TESO, but I just want to bring awareness to a specific topic, that being the possible origins of the dragonborn.

So dragonborn are mortals that have been blessed with the blood of dragons, allowing them to learn the Thu'um like a dragon, walk between realms, dominate dragons, etc.

For a slight disclaimer, I believe that each protagonist of each game is that of the main race in the province it takes place in. For me it makes sense that the Nerevarine was a dark elf, the Hero of Kvatch was an imperial, and The Last Dragonborn was a nord.

Now this is what I am interested in. Why does Akatosh, or Auriel, prefer to give humans the blessing of dragonborn over elves. The high elves believe themselves to be superior to humans due to their divine ancestry. They also seem to believe that the dragonborn is a natural enemy to the Aldmeri Dominion. It looks as though they are resentful that a divine would grant humans power over elves.

Now to talk about Shor and Lorkhan. Lorkhan is the dead god of the universe. His heart was manipulated by the deep elves, the tribunal, and he is seen by the nine divine pantheon as the evil god. Shor, to my understanding is seen by the elves as the nordic depiction of Lorkhan. Shor is believed to be to origin of the dragonborn in the ancient nord pantheon. Dragonborn were avatars of shor; a mortal incarnation of the god so that he could keep balance on the world of Nirn.

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Auriel and Akatosh are referred to as the god of time and the sun. Often, Akatosh is the name of the god of dragons, even by dragons themselves, but Auriel is never seen as a god of dragons. Shor isn't really seen as a god of dragons, really more of a god of man.

To me, the most probable case is that Shor and Akatosh both play a role in dragonborn. Akatosh isn't the cause of dragonborn, but is the cause of dragons. Shor being the god of men, explains why men are the only canonical dragonborn. But the avatar angle of the dragonborn myth gets really confusing. Both Miraak, the first dragonborn, and the last dragonborn are alive at the same time. This means that the avatar theory should be disproved, but when we go to Sovengarde, Shor is missing, despite him supposedly being there earlier.

Our four candidates for the origins of the dragonborn: Auriel: snow elf god of the sun and time Akatosh: divine god of dragons and time Lorkhan: dead god of power and men Shor: nord god of heroes, men, and dragonborn

So the dragonborn origins are extremely confusing. If anyone has information to add, it would be much appreciated, as I am under no circumstances a lore master.


Edit: to add on to my belief that akatosh and shor are different parts of dragons and dragonborn, why would Akatosh send the last dragonborn to defeat Alduin if Alduin was Akatosh's plan in the first place?


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