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[Release][Tool] Load Order Library – A Modwatch Alternative

Load Order Library

Load Order Library is a tool mostly intended to help in debugging/supporting Mod Organizer lists for Bethesda games. It's meant to serve as an alternative/replacement for Modwatch. The premiere feature being a list comparison tool.


The goal of Load Order Library is to make the life of people doing support for mod lists easier. Often times we ask for an upload to Modwatch and then manually go through the files to determine if a mod is missing, or a mod is added. Whether the ini settings are correct, etc. By using the comparison tool, you get a quick view at a glance at what files are missing/added, and what contents of those files are also missing/added.


Load Order Library has a slew of features.

  • No registration required. Lists can be uploaded anonymously. You do need and account to delete lists, however. Anonymous ones can't be deleted.
  • Private lists. Only people with the link can view them. This works even for anonymous uploads, though make sure not to lose the link as there's no way to find it otherwise as it's not connected to an account.
  • For users that decide to register, you can have as many lists as you want – modwatch only ever lets you have 1.
  • Comparison tool.
  • Completely free. No Ads.
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More planned and coming soon!

Planned Features

The following are features that are planned and do not currently exist.

  • Account deletion (high priority). Currently there is no way for accounts to be deleted.
  • Downloading of list files. (high priority).
  • Implement a method whereby if a list is deleted and it was the only list to contain file(s) associated with it, delete those files from the disk as well.
  • A method of starting a list compare from a specific list, instead of having to go to the compare lists page explicity.
  • Password recovery (forgot password). (Email is complicated). Changing of passwords provided you know the current one is already implemented.
  • Editing lists. Due to trying to keep the integrity of lists for the comparison tool, this will however only ever allow editing of the title, description, and game. If you missed uploading a file, or uploaded the wrong one, simply make a new list.
  • Verified users/lists. For example, Dylan Perry (creator of Ultimate Skyrim) could have an account verified and upload an official Ultimate Skyrim for people to compare against with confidence.
  • More filtering options. For example, hiding disabled mods in modlist.txt by default and having a toggle to view them.
  • 2FA (authenticator app based). Low-priority. I don't feel anything on this site is really worth the security 2FA provides, and this will be more a learning exercise.
  • List filtering by game/author.
  • Pagination for browse lists page so it doesn't become too long.
  • Complete re-write to be more API driven for integration into other tools such as Azura's Star
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Load Order Library uses no analytic services at all. Some 3rd party tools are used, but no external requests are made, they are served with the page itself. Files uploaded currently are on the server forever, however one of the next things I'm doing is implementing a way for files to be deleted if a list that contains them is the only one that does and it is deleted (the same files are shared across lists to save on disk space).

Data provided is entirely for the use of the site, and does not leave the server except in the case of database backups. Passwords are hashed and never stored in plain text. The server is hosted via Digital Ocean and located in Toronto, Canada.


If you find any issues or have any questions, please make an issue on the Github repository. Should this tool get big enough I may make a discord server or something.


Thanks to RingComics for helping me test.

Thanks to Gatonegro for the icons.



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