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Return to TESL global servers

Content of the article: "Return to TESL global servers"

In the wake of last year's announcement about TESL development, I decided to switch to the Asian client. I did so because I thought the only hope for TESL would be if TESL Asia somehow took off. Alas, it didn't. To say the least.

The client was clunky, lots of lags. They never fixed them. And they just never got anything like the player base they needed. Coming back to the main TESL game was a jolt — the client runs so smoothly and looks so good!

I can't regret the jump. It was fun playing retro TESL. And I got my shiny top-10 card back the month before they switched the ELO to a grind system.

I know the game will not come back. Really. But some thoughts if there's any crazy developer at microsoft noodling about this property:

TESL Asia had some good features for maintaining interest. Above all, they had rankings for each class. So there were multiple ways to play for rewards on a leader board. In addition there were level up awards for each attribute. Just small things that mean even if you aren't scrambling for top 10, there are worthwhile things to do.

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The hero pass was a good way to encourage sustained play. You'd have to tweak to get the rewards balanced properly with the need to generate revenue. But it was a fun feature.

Another great feature was being able to see who was on the leaderboards. On the other hand, while the copy deck feature (for few gold you could copy the leaders' deck) helped newbies figure out what good decks look like, it generated an awful lot of copycat players.

Finally, although I think I was in the minority on the TESL Asians discord, I liked the switch in deck sizes. 40-card decks are much more consistent. It made my beloved Skeever Control Archer deck viable (though not a Tier 1 deck!!!). It's weird coming back over here and going multiple games without seeing some cards.


I love this game so much. I will play over here until the bitter end. I know marketers see the big picture more clearly than those of us who just play. But I can't help but dream of a relaunch a few years down the road. Meanwhile, thanks to the developers of this wonderful game!

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