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[Review] Betalille’s Quest Mods Reviews

Hello there!

I am Betalille, and 95% of my Skyrim mods are quest mods! Now I know some people are reluctant to add quest mods to their game as they could be bugged, cause CTDs and such, but as a player that likes to add more content to his Skyrim, I still managed to gather a few mods without sending my savegame into Oblivion.

Today I thought I would review some of the quest mods I have played until now, and maybe helping some people take decisions along the way as to whether or not they feel like adding a mod to their game. As a content-loving player, I have sometimes hesitated to add some mods that I should have added earlier in my playthroughs (like Vigilant) and I hope my small reviews will push some people to just download some quest mods and enjoy the wild ride of the adventures that came straight out of the modders' crazy imagination.

Obviously, this will just be my experience and my opinions, it will also help me remember which mods I have to download again when I'll be 65 and having some nostalgia about playing Skyrim again.

I will be accompanied by my imaginary friend Henry, who will represent some facets of the public opinion that I have witnessed about some certain mods.

Hello everyone!

Yes Henry but not now, because it is now time to start reviewing.

DISCLAIMER: I am not the author of any of these mods and I cannot guarantee that you will not have problems with dirty edits, CTDs, deleted navmeshes or anything. I just tested the mods and gave my opinion. I suggest you try to look at the "requirements" page on Nexus for each mod, as some official/unofficial patches sometimes might correct some stuff and make your experience much more pleasing.

I would like to thank all of these creators and "porters" for making this review even possible by creating such wonderful mods.


Faction – Pit Fighter by ThirteenOranges, ported by PrivateEye

Nice mod that adds multiple arenas inside Skyrim, but also elsewhere in Tamriel. It feels quite satisfying to see the trophy room get filled up with all the rewards you get each time you fight a strong opponent. I didn't have any problems with this mod when I played.

Recommended? Yes. If you like fighting in arenas.


Curse of the Hound Amulet by ANiceOakTree

A small quest that makes you help Cara fight an enemy she has been following for a long time. It is very short but well made. It adds a custom-made armor and a custom-made mask (which you probably won't ever use because it doesn't work with your favorite body mods). The assets the author created are beautiful, but it's sad to see that it won't be used more and that the characters just disappear at the end of the quest.

Recommended? Maybe? A good short mod, but probably not worth an esp slot if you have something more interesting.


Sulfur and Fire: Trials of Mehrunes Dagon by MihailMods

Unfortunately not available anymore on the Nexus, there is a translation made by "La Confrérie des Traducteurs" which makes it available with english voices but french subtitles. The mod makes you go through different places inside the Deadlands, or Mehrunes Dagon's part of Oblivion, and fight against very different bosses. The mod is quite interesting, everything is red and burning (as it should) and it's quite fun to play (even though it was a bit buggy on my hand and some zones made me struggle with CTDs).

Recommended? Maybe? A fun "arena" mod, but maybe not so stable.


Home Sweet Hell by ArogueModder

Another Oblivion themed mod, but this time a house mod. After looting some Daedra cave, you get a book that allows you to teleport to a house in Oblivion that will become yours. Unfortunately, since you access it from a book, your followers never get teleported with you.

Recommended? Not really. It's a nice dwemer house indeed, but I don't know if it's worth it. Go for it if you want a house in the burning lands of Oblivion.


The Secrets of Arc Cyrae by Morrodes

A small quest that makes you go through a dwemer ruin, and then go a bit left and right to pick up some special ingots and then brings you to an alternate world. The main quest isn't that long and the side quests allow you to get more companions, like a spriggan (which joined the Blades in my game), and to unlock a nice 3-levels house.

Recommended? Maybe? A good short mod too, a bit original but nothing too fancy.


Underhanded Slavery- House Dres Operations pt.1 by MihailMods

The god of adding creatures to Skyrim also made some quest mods, and this short one adds a small quest to Solstheim. It is very short, and is very straightforward. End slavery or help develop slavery. It adds some nice rusty weapons as well as the basic netch armors.

Recommended? Maybe? Small mod, interesting, but very very short.


Dwemertech – Magic of the Dwarves by EnaiSiaion and ported by jrdarby

This mod adds a ton of Dwemer-inspired magic spells and it's awesome. The quest in itself isn't very long, though very original. You'll get to do stuff you've never done in Skyrim, like throwing a dwemer into a screen, and it's very fun. The quest will bring you to places that will make you feel like you're not in Skyrim anymore (because it's not Skyrim) and it feels refreshing. After finishing the quest, I created all the dwemer spells and it's really funny to plant bombs and send laser droids on your enemies, if you're into that kind of things. The only problem is that two spells (the ones that transform you into dwemer creatures) are not working, just don't use them.

Recommended? Yes. Very fun, very innovative. Just don't use the Centurion/Sphere transformation spells.


Agent of Righteous Might by dree74 and ported by SeamedWater

This mod allows you to join the Vigilants of Stendarr and to secretly infiltrate the Mythic Dawn for them. One of the first quests made me travel through the entirety of the Skyrim map while following a character that was stopped every 5 meters by a pack of wolves or a group of bandits. After that the whole Mythic Dawn hideout is GINORMOUS. It is so easy to get lost and everytime I had to get through the base I "tcl"ed my way through walls. The mod in itself is nicely made and the quests aren't uninteresting but it just feels a bit bland in general.

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Recommended? Not really. The mod feels like it's lacking some originality, but it's not bad.


Blackreach Railroad by Trainwiz

Trainwiz's first Skyrim mod have you uncover a railroad that connects all the dwemer ruins together. It is quite simple but very original. I had a fun time fighting the enemies that block the railway. My only problem was the final boss, which was invincible for me, despite everything I tried.

Recommended? Yes. A short but interesting quest to connect the dwemer ruins with a train.


Curse of Akavir – Phoe by Sengetsu

Who hasn't dreamed of visiting Japan but in Skyrim? That is what Akavir is supposed to be and Phoe is trying to do just that, while tring to remain lore-friendly. I believe the worldspace is based on the Rocheste ressource, which makes Phoe EXTREMELY HUGE and yet not so much to see. Many interiors are still empty yet very big. I had some lags during some quests because of some ginormous interiors filled with trees and plants, but that might just be my potato computer. It is an ambitious mod with new races, new monsters, new armors and weapons with an asian-ish inspiration. The quests were okay and we can see that the authors have put a lot of work on their mod.

Recommended? Maybe? Phoe was updated not so long ago so my point of view might be a bit outdated. However if you want a perfect game, I would suggest you wait for the authors to finish their mod.


The Hanging Gardens by Acid Zebra and ported by Rafaelkai

When the quest starts with "Find this in Blackreach" and there is no quest marker, you know it's gonna be good. The Hanging Gardens send you on a quest to find an ancient dwemer island, to uncover its secrets and to claim them as your own, but without quest markers. Unfortunately for players like me (whose brains cannot handle hints and guesses) you will suffer. A lot. The basis of this quest is to get you to go everywhere and find out on your own (with small hints written inside books) how to disrupt a protective field on the island before you can make it your house. The mod also includes some small random pirate battles when you go to/come back from the Hanging Gardens, which is a nice addition. The island in itself is really pretty, even though I am not sure I will ever go back there.

But I don't like puzzles! My head hurts!

There is a .txt that explains the entirety of what you have to do to finish the quest. Quite handy when you are completely lost. Now stop complaining Henry!

Recommended? Yes. A nice "house" mod with a small quest to get it.


The Republic of Maslea – Chapter One by anthelius

A french mod where they speak french, can you believe it? After going through some really creative dungeons, you will be able to go to Maslea, in "Nouvelle-Colovie", where you will be able to join Carlina and the "Confrérie" on their adventures. The end of the chapter opens up a way to the Shivering Isles, and I am intrigued where the author is planning to go with that. Gameplay-wise, some side quests give you some interesting choices, even though most are not voice-acted. The main quest was filled with bugs for me, half of the dialogue scenes never happened and some camera effects for some cutscenes just made me be stuck forever flying in the air, so there's that. Maybe I did something wrong, but the main quest was a mess for me to solve with the console command. Other than that, the mod is really interesting, it has some ambitious projects like a recurrent pirate battle, building a castle, recruiting people into the Confrérie, but it's in French, and I know this fact blocks a lot of people from downloading it.

Recommended? Maybe? Interesting mod, beautiful islands/cities, and a nice french voice acting but it made me wanna die during the main quest because of how buggy it was for me.


Skygerfall — Daggerfall's Main Quest in TESV by Oracus0

Not much to say there, it adds the main quest of TESII: Daggerfall to Skyrim, which you can play with Alternate Starts (or if you want to play it on your main character without restarting, you will have to download the Realm of Lorkhan). The dungeons are as big and as complicated as the ones in the original game.

Recommended? Yes. Get your very own Daggerfall storyline in Skyrim, for nostalgia or for discovery.


The Tools of Kagrenac by Titansbane and PrivateEye

Travel through Skyrim to get your hands on the Tools of Kagrenac, some really really strong dwemer weapons that were lost for ages after the events of TESIII: Morrowind. The dungeons added by this mod are really good. You have to use your brain, but you also have to not get lost in some huge Ayleid ruins like you could do in past Elder Scrolls games. It is a great quest to retrieve some deadly (and full of lore) artefacts.

Recommended? Yes. You can never get enough dwemer artefacts.


Identity Crisis by SlimeSire

If you are looking for a very original (and kinda crazy) quest mod, say no more. Identity Crisis is taking you to an asylum that was abandoned and where some weird, crazy things are happening. While quite short, the mod adds an intriguing dungeon and an even more intriguing player house. The voice acting is brilliant and really adds to the quality of the mod.

Recommended? Yes. Crazy, original and LORE-FRIENDLY. Just what we needed.


The Second Great War by Reath

Because one great war wasn't enough, you now have to fight the Thalmor who are taking over Cyrodiil and now Skyrim! Or do you? You can also help the Thalmor take over the entirety of Skyrim if you want to… But anyways, I had less bugs with this mod than with the vanilla Great War (or was it a feature?). It was quite fun, a must-have for everyone who hates the Thalmor (or secretly love them).

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Recommended? Maybe? If you feel like conquering/defending some more towns after the vanilla Great War, go for it.


Voyage to the Dreamborne Isles by mnikjom VzRedemption

It's a maze, but a very pretty maze. The quests are pretty straightforward: go from one place to another (but you have to find your way through 21 different paths or 52 different doors) or get attacked by thousands of waves of enemies at the same time. The worldspace is really pretty, even though quite confusing with all the mazes, but it's worth a try. The story is quite original.

Recommended? Yes. You can do it pal, you can find the exit, I believe in you.


Dwarven Pride by Adolon

A short mod adding a little dungeon with a quest on Solstheim. A dark elf is having fun with his ancestors (who are ghosts btw) and you just barge in saying you want to go on an adventure. How rude of you. Anyways, I don't remember having any problems with this quest, it was quite fun, but at the same time I don't really remember anything from it. I guess it means it was fun.

Recommended? Maybe? Adds two towers near Nchardak on Solstheim, not compatible with Project AHO.


The Brotherhood of Old by TomTesoro

Rebuild the Dark Brotherhood with a descendant of a famous Dark Brotherhood member back in TESIV: Oblivion. This mod expands the Dark Brotherhood by adding some more temples all around Skyrim and by letting you recruit some more members the same way you were recruited. A good mod to expand a little more the brotherhood story, even though the main character in my game is bugged and is stuck mining in the middle of Skyrim and there is nothing I can do to make her go back to the base.

Recommended? Maybe? If you feel like playing some more Dark Brotherhood themed quests. I didn't play the latest version so my point of view might be outdated.


Moon and Star by Gan Xingba

Head to Little Vivec and hear about a Morrowind criminal that left for some dwemer ruins. The dwemer ruins turns out to have some interesting puzzles and the criminal turns out to be an interesting character for people who played TESIII: Morrowind. Moon and Star adds a very nice dwemer dungeon and some sweet rewards. Bonus points for people who are looking for some nostalgia.

Recommended? Yes. Even if you don't like puzzles.


Helgen Reborn by Mike Hancho aka Balok

Another mod that I regret not picking up before. This mod allows you to rebuild Helgen by choosing guards and helping people left and right. The quests are nice and it feels rewarding to see Helgen all nice and good looking after finishing the main questline. At first I didn't want to download it because I heard of some "sl*ts" houses and a story about a really sensitive topic that is part of a character backstory, but it turns out I didn't actually get any of these things when I played, so either I am blind and forgot a part of the story, or maybe it's not actually so bad. Either way, Helgen is rebuilt.

Recommended? Yes. Don't leave Helgen in ruins, give it a second chance to thrive.


The Wheels of Lull by Trainwiz and The Chronographer Maintenance Team

Lore-friendly, really original, really fun. The dungeons are actually quite "hard", as in you do have to think about what you are doing and cannot just go head first into things and expect to reach the end. The boss fights also have some really interesting mechanics, which allows you to say very cringey things like "haha it's not the muscles that made me win but THE BRAINS", when the brain is actually a muscle but let's pass on the details. The quests are not always "go there, kill that" and have you repair some stuff, solve some riddles and clean pipes. So, all in all, a very good mod.

Recommended? Yes. The Wheels of Lull is an original piece of art that I definitely recommend to everyone.


The Lost Wonders of Mzark by Trainwiz and ported by DarthVitrial

And yet another dwemer ruins mod! The Lost Wonders of Mzark is a HUGE dungeon, with interesting new mechanics that makes it different from other dungeon mods. It is very original, as always with Trainwiz's mods.

Recommended? Yes. Get yourself some more of Trainwiz's genius please.


Falskaar by AlexanderJVelicky

You all know this mod, one of the first big quests/new lands mod released for Skyrim. It is basic, simple but great. Runs smoothly, I only had one CTD in a specific area but other than that it adds a few more hours to your Skyrim game. Nothing too extravagant, nothing really mindblowing but a really nice mod in general.

Recommended? Yes. Simple but effective.


Midwood Isle by Will Evans

Similar to Falskaar, a new lands mod that is quite simple but really nice. It is not lore-friendly because the author created a new race called the Sonmers and they have their own hero/deity Erkaloth, I don't really remember. It's a nice mod, I remember really liking it when I first played it. I didn't have any problems with the mod either, so that's nice as well.

Recommended? Yes. Simple but effective.


Vigilant by Vicn

But I don't like Dark Souls! So I won't download this mod!

Henry, no. Vigilant is much more than "just a Dark Souls-like mod", it is filled with lore, different gameplays (even horror-like dungeons) and it is what makes it one of the most loved Skyrim quest mods. Yes, one chapter makes some dungeons/combats like Dark Souls bosses, but you don't have to play in Legendary + 26 combat mods to make it as hard as Dark Souls. I regret not downloading it earlier, because it was a blast. Add in the english voices add-on and the experience just gets even more exciting.

Recommended? Yes. Even if you don't like Dark Souls, give it a try.


Legacy of the Dragonborn by icecreamassassin

Brilliant. Makes you want to get every single item of the game and put it in the museum. The quests are also very original and very different. Legacy of the Dragonborn is one of the most appreciated quest mods of Skyrim, and it deserves it. Too bad my game was never stable with all the compatibility mods I added, but that is my very own mistake, not theirs.

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Recommended? Yes. A ton of mods I have in this list have compatibility patchs to add even more stuff in the museum, that's how awesome Legacy of the Dragonborn is.


Project AHO by Haem Projects

Wow. Just beautiful. Project AHO adds a new town to Skyrim and it honestly feels like a completely different world. The quests and voice-acting are on point, the main story is intriguing and has different endings. The music makes it even better, and I think I complimented the mod enough for you to understand that it is great. Some of you may say that "it's too cluttered", but if you love Elianora's house mods, you will love the entirety of Haem Projects' Project AHO. This mod even allows you to fulfill your dreams of enslavement, without having to go on Lovers Lab!

Recommended? Yes. One of the best mods I ever played in Skyrim.


Carved Brink by Haem Projects

Oh no, watch me compliment Haem Projects over and over again… Carved Brink is a really intriguing mod that pushes you to go further and try to understand what the heck is going on. And it's beautiful. However, be sure to visit every places of the mod before finishing the main story or you might have some surprises. I couldn't finish two side quests because I went directly to the end of the main quest and now I cry everytime I pass by the cave added by the mod.

Recommended? Yes. Only a Jawa or a BB-8 mod would make me love Haem Projects even more… Oh wait. THEY MADE THEM.


The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal by MannyGT

Awaken the thief that is within you and go download the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal NOW! This mod will send you in many places to retrieve the famous daedric artefact: a desert, a maze, ruins, a mausoleum… It is one of the most well known quest mods and it is great.

Recommended? Yes. Stealing stuff is always fun. (Please don't call the police!)


Moonpath to Elsweyr by MuppetPuppet and An_Old_Sock

Made before the Creation Kit was a thing, Moonpath to Elsweyr allows you to travel alongside Khajiits to the land of Elsweyr. The Khajiit voice acting is quite good, and despite being a very old mod, it is still a very good and beautiful mod. A must-have for cat lovers.

Recommended? Yes. Get some tropical vibes in your Skyrim.


Beyond Reach by razorkid

I didn't understand the story and the atmosphere was so gloomy anyways, there's no life.

Yes, Henry. But that is exactly what is GREAT in this mod. Skyrim is all so great and everyone is happy despite the fact that Alduin is going to END THE WORLD. In The Reach, it's a mess, everyone is a mess and the atmosphere is just great. I really loved how the world was built and I had a really fun time playing this DLC sized mod. I only had a problem on one of the main quests near the end, which just skipped my game to the final quest of the mod. Other than that, it was great.

Recommended? Yes. Definitely.


Beyond Skyrim – Bruma by Beyond Skyrim

Do I even need to talk about this mod? Everyone knows it and (almost) everyone has played it. It's beautiful, it's great, I really liked the Synod quests and I'm pumped for whatever the Beyond Skyrim team will deliver in the future.

Recommended? Yes. For sure. But a small reminder that it is still a W.I.P.


And this marks the end of my "short" list of quest mods that are currently happily running in my game, and totally didn't break it.

But Betalille, what about your own quest mods?

Henry, no. I can't review my own mods because my point of view will be biased. And not in a good way.

And what else should we look forward to?

There are plenty of projects that are ongoing right now, like the Beyond Skyrim projects, Nirn Uncharted projects (Alinor and Pyandonea), Unslaad and Glenmoril by Vicn being updated, Odyssey of the Dragonborn by Icecreamassassin, Skyblivion, Skywind… The future of Skyrim modding still seem quite bright!

And what will happen to these reviews in the future?

I might try to keep it updated with everything I test in the future, but my reviews are a bit short and biased anyways… Guess we'll see.

What about playing insert a mod name here*?*

I am indeed open to any suggestions you might have! Tell me what quest mods made you appreciate the Skyrim modding community even more!

If you've played so much quest mods, how come your mods are so bad?

That's enough Henry! Go to your room!

Thank you for reading this review, I hope you feel like testing some more mods now!

DISCLAIMER: I am sorry if I offended any Henry by writing this post.


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