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Review for Rigmor of Bruma and Rigmor of Crocodil – SSE – PC – 2021

So, after seeing the author of both mods removing negative reviews of his mods from various people, I have decided to post one here so people like me are spared in the future from installing those 2. Bear in mind that this is my personal opinion, somehow people fight for freedom of speech, only IF it's a similar opinion to theirs or if they can accept the opinion. Else stfu.

The author removed the reviews no matter if they contained a list of bugs or if they contained general information like "Rigmor of Bruma is bad, out of lore and full of bugs". The practice is old, other people posting in ROB state that posts disappear for years. And no, it's not the Nexus moderators, they have been asked, and since the posts either contained bugs or reviews, it was not there fault. I am still playing ROC because I am doing a completionist run so that is still WIP and will be edited.

Rigmor of Bruma review.

I will try to be short, but if I start writing the list of bugs I have found within the game, you will die of boredom.

1. Bugs.

The author has the best excuse possible, it's not ROB's fault, it's the game engine or other mods, even if you can check within CK or xEdit or Fallrim tools and see the exact issues. You don't agree with him? No problem, your review will be removed. You are a troll.

ROB is filled with bugs, ad literam. I mean, I am playing almost all world mods and quest mods, and none have any big issues. Or any issues at all, I have encountered only one bug in Falskaar, when after finishing that amazing mod, I had to use fast travel to leave the island because I couldn't for some reason trigger the boat door. That's a non issue, since I had other means of leaving the island that did exactly the same.

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a. Completing the mod leaves a bunch of unattached script instances in the save file (easy to check with Fallrim tools).

b. Crashes due to meshes, like the ones you will definitely get in a cave created by ROB, not other mod, where if you go in the small labyrinth area under the water, can't recall the location by name, and the author removed my list of bugs, the game crashes each and every time.

c. Quest triggers. Save as often as you can if you play this mod, because at least several times the next step of the quest won't trigger, and you will have to return to 15-20 minutes and redo all steps because the quest was poorly scripted, and no console command can help you move on. This doesn't sound complicated, but when this happens several times and you have to waste a lot of time each time, it's very annoying.

So either you have to talk to someone so the quest progresses, or you have to wait so people talk in front of you, or you arrived in a place that doesn't trigger your presence, etc, well, enjoy reloading a few saves before and redo everything ( I save regularly, maybe you only need to load 1 save backwards if you save each 20 30 minutes).

d. Dialogues in quests don't activate most of the time unless you enter/leave the dialogue 3-4 times first.

e. Silver arrows and some forgot the name arrows use iron arrows models.

f. Terrain edited by ROB can be extremely buggy, it's very nice to waste 10 minutes so you can make unstuck your horse or a follower. You can see within the earth in hollow void, etc.

g. Many other bugs, I am not going to post them all since I am not writing a book, I have already done that, and I wasn't the only person who did that, yet somehow the author had the guts to remove them.

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2. Generalities

The story is crap, not lore friendly, not RP friendly, it ignores your background in the game, even if you are married to a beautiful in game NPC, somehow you have to accept the constant courtship of an ugly bald woman, with a terrible personality whom whines all the time about everything possible and impossible.

You are forced to watch tons of dialogues, not the ones that can be fast forwarded, but the video ones, so playing a completionist run will guarantee you losing a few hours because of random bugs and a few hours watching non immersive commentary and discussions that in best situations you don't care about them, but in many of them you get annoyed because you somehow as the player are dragged without options to be good or bad, somehow you are the pet of an obnoxious NPC, you accept it or not.

Did you play the game building a class, playing on legendary, trying to be lore friendly? Forget about it. Rush fights and do what you are told to do, your role playing means nothing.

You are not alone tho. Somehow, everybody follows the orders of an obnoxious spoiled ugly bald woman with the wits of a 4 years old. And they love every moment of it! Very RP and lore friendly :)) You know, some leaders are followed for their wits, some for their looks, some for their strength in battle. Rigmor has none, yet…

I will stop here, I am running out of ink, I apologize. If you need more, just google Rigmor of Bruma bugs, you will find plenty of them, mostly out of Nexus cause there you can find only the soft bugs, unattached script instances are not welcomed :))

The author also has the guts to write nothing under " KNOWN ISSUES: " :)) That's the best part of it. CK, xEdit? Fallrim Tools? Neah, the mod is pristine.

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Rigmor of Crocodil review.

I have just entered it, as I said, I am doing a completionist run, I like it or not. For starters, the first things I noticed entering the city Bruma is that all the city is filled with clutter content. Almost everything is Door, Citizen, or if they have a name, they don't do anything, no dialogue no nothing. Try to enter a building? It says door opening, and that's it :)) You see the animation, but you can't enter. Just clutter content thrown just for the sakes of it.

Of course, from the start of it I have to watch people talking. That's not an issue for all the other mods or for vanilla quests, but Rigmor mods abuse the feature, and even if you can't wait to take an arrow and start a massacre, you have to be patient, cause, you know, it's lore friendly as the main character of the game to be used as clutter lol.

Voice acting varies, until now, some are good, some are terrible, using the wrong tone, like reading quickly from a piece of paper.

To be continued.



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