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Just wanted to create a quick post to provide some tips I use for roleplay enhancement, I hope others share there tips as well. I think this belongs on this sub because ideas that enrich roleplay can include apocryphal or headcanon ideas that can enrich the lore. Also I would have liked to read a post like this earlier in my tes experience.

So here goes:

  • Remember The lands are bigger and more populated than what is shown, its important to remember this because it helps you realize that any kind of character you can imagine is justifiable to create. Because there is room for even the most whacky cultures to spring up in a large landmass. Every town could have a cult just outside(or within) its borders, or the next town down the road could be vastly different culture wise than the one your in. (Mabye not super likely but possible)

  • In real life religions & migrate across the world and spread to cultures and peoples who may not have originally practiced them. The same can be true for tes.

Examples: We could see for example dunmer living close to Black Marsh who have begun worshipping a just for whatever reason and may say help prevent argonian slavery while living a stones throw away from an equally quirky dren slaver base. Or we might imagine a group of dunmer in the Velothi mountains who still revere the warrior aspects of Almalexia or Vivec and as such don masks in their likeness when going to battle and practice rites where they summon dremora to test themselves against and those who survive weild daedric dai katanas as trophies and hold much power in their tribe.

  • Different regions within a country may equip themselves differently or fight differently based on what natural resources are available to them. They may also develope different smithing techniques like the skaal using stahlrihm or irl Japanese smiths learning to use clay to heat the blade at different temperatures and produce a superior cutting sword.
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Example: we may imagine the village above doesn't have smithing technology or metal resources and so despite being mighty warriors and mages they rely exclusively on netch leather armor and crude chitin clubs and spears as their main weaponry aside from magic. With chitin armor as extravagent and their leader summoning daedric armor from oblivion. I also like to imagine orc raiders in the mongul style raiding village hamlets in the wrothgar mountains and high rock villages that use lamellar and dao swords.

-In whatever faction you imagine there can and will be inner faction politics and schisms which can provide character motivations

-religious migration can lead to unique variations of a religion, a christian in texas may do things different than a christian in louisianna.

Example:A dunmer village that worship the nord pantheon likely will do things like ascribe traits from their old religion to the new so you may end up with shor god of deciept,war and sex if they meld him with mephala. Feel free to play around here.

-Look at the maps of the tes universe and use them for ideas and inspirations about where ur character might hail from and how life in that region may have influenced them. A mountain dunmer will be much different from an ashland dunmer imo.

-Try to learn about real world cultures, history and technological progression to help you flesh out your ideas.

-Learn more about a people by examining their armor and weapons and think about why they may be the way they are designed – this can often tell you alot about a culture.

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Example: A culture with composite bows likely use mounted combat, a culture with plate armor is likely rich and developed. A culture using rapiers likely has a dueling culture.

  • Attempting Iron man playthroughs can enhance your immersion alot and show you exactly what living in this world is like and just how inhuman the game protaganists are, highly reccomend giving it a try.

-Check out daggerfalls charater creator for a good idea of how to build interesting characters with talents and handicaps.

-try to include a few character flaws in your character but only have your character overcome one of them if any of them as they grow.

-dont try to do everything on one character, have one character for the main quest, one for the fighters guild, one just for exploring etc. Its a better roleplaying experience.

-time time to create an in depth history and goal for your character that can change later.

-train manually and use trainers. Dont go picking fights if you arent equipped and experienced bo one with semae does that irl. Remember most ppl try to live as long as they can and usually try to avoid danger unless they really have a good reason mot too.

-i would consider a mod that makes the economy more difficult since irl housing is expensive even at a tavern. Food and drink and ewuipmemt upkeep as well as horse upkeep and if you have followers they will need loot or pay. Also consider recreational activities since most ppl dont simply work all day everyday. A relationship is usually high on peoples to do list as well but this can be hard to make enjoyable in these games.

-you might try only using silver and magic weapons/magic on undead and werewolves.

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-consider that most ppl are weak in tes with trained guards typically being around level 20. With that in mind ppl might worship things we view ss weak. Such as a strong ghost or lich or a daedroth or atronach.

I will add more as I recall them and I hope you guys add some of your own as well.

Some of my examples may already have been depicted in a tes game like argonians moving to valenwood and interacting with the green or nords becoming imperialized, but if they didn't i think all my points follow logically from what we know about tes and the real world.

Feel free to correct me if ive made an error here as im no expert on sociology or history.


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