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Ruins Clutter Improved missing assets?

Content of the article: "Ruins Clutter Improved missing assets?"

I ran into an issue with RCI the other day. I fixed it, but I'm hoping someone might be able to clear up some lingering questions for my own education.

I installed RCI along with about half a dozen other mods yesterday. There are two versions – near as I can tell the only difference between them is that the "NMM" version includes a FOMOD installer. So, despite being on MO2 I grabbed the NMM version.

Things were good for an hour or so. Then a radiant quest took me to Cronvangr. Almost immediately I was met with the beautiful red box with white exclamation point. I tried clicking the box to grab an ID, but I'm pretty sure it was grabbing whatever was behind the box.

Honestly, I tried to stick my head in the sand and figured I'd ignore it. I'm pretty sure in 9 years this is only the second time I've ever been in that cave. But shortly after I ran into the same thing in the spider section of Forelhost.

So, begrudgingly I decided to try and fix it. I disabled the new mods (the rest of the list has been stable) and the problem went away. Since the rest of that group were civil war stuff (OCW, Man Those Borders, etc) I enabled all but RCI. The problem stayed away.

I saved in front of a red box and toggled RCI to try and figure out exactly what was missing – turns out it's the spider web wrapped dead bodies.

My last step was to remove the "NMM" version of RCI and install the other one. Everything is happy, nothing missing.

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So, the questions:

1) what is the proper name for that red box? I see people bounce between "missing asset," "missing master," and a bunch of other stuff. I just don't want to sound like an idiot (I do enough of that on my own).

2) is there a way in game to tell what the box is supposed to be?

3) I've still got both versions of RCI downloaded, and now I know what's "missing" from the NMM one – how would I go about verifying that there actually is a difference?

3b) am I just an idiot and the NMM version actually requires you to use NMM?

4) if I'm not just an idiot who grabbed the wrong file, is this worth bringing up to the author?



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