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Rustic Clothing does not show up in xEdit other questions about how a texture only mod works?

Content of the article: "Rustic Clothing does not show up in xEdit other questions about how a texture only mod works?"

Hello, I am trying to better understand the fundamentals of how this all works so I can hopefully bug you all less in the future. I am new to PC modding skyrim, I did it on XBOX a years ago and have been reading and watching guides and tutorials non-stop for the last week in preparing to download the game today. I have followed the beginners guide from this page and am using MO2 to manage everything, and I have SKSE, SSEDIT, and everything launching from MO2.

I only have the unofficial patch, Common Clothes and Armor (21305), and Rustic Clothing (4703) description loaded and active in MO2 coming off a brand new install of Skyrim I did this afternoon. When I launch SSEEDIT from MO2, I can choose and view Common Clothes and Armor, but I do not see Rustic Clothing, even though I have it active in MO2. Then I looked closer at the Rustic Clothes mod and found it is just textures, I checked the folder and it is just textures and an .ini file, and of course it makes a note of this on the nexus page that I read but did not fully comprehend before I downloaded it. Does it not show up in xedit because it has no .esp or .esm file associated with it or did I do something wrong?

If it is set up correctly, how does the game know this folder of textures exists and on what objects to place them? Surely that info isn't all in the .ini file right, I opened the .ini file and its metadata so that's not how it does it. Does MO2 know where to put each texture? How? Basically, how does Rustic Clothing mod work if it's just a bunch of texture files in a folder that MO2 put in it's own directory? I don't see how it's interacting with the game.

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Thanks for any info and reading my text block!

P.S. The reason I was trying to look in xedit was because a note on the description for Common Clothes and Armor said a small amount of textures appear not to benefit from texture replacers like Rustic Clothing or aMidionBorn despite being apparently made of vanilla assets. I thought I could load Common Clothes and Rustic Clothing into xEdit and any entry in common clothes that wasn't yellow marking it as being effected by Rustic clothing would be an asset that had not benefited from the Rustic Clothing textures but it appears I will not be able to do that.

P.P.S. Is it considered proper etiquette on this sub to link every mod you mention in a post? If so how do you do that, I just put the page number next to the mod title in parenthesis above. I didn't see that anywhere in the written rules for this sub.


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