The Elder Scrolls

Sacrilege 2.0.0 – The Taste of Their Tears

A vampire overhaul without the ability to jankily turn people into vampires or instantly drain kill everything? What is this sacrilege?

The controversial V++ vampire mod got a big update. Is now slightly less controversial and, according to this Nielsen survey I commissioned, more aligned with market demand.

Better the devil you know

The one controversial feature of Sacrilege was the new feed animation. Intended to be more resilent to elevation being slightly different, positioning being slightly off or a butterfly flapping its wings in Elsweyr than the vanilla feed animation which just stops working if the stars don't align, basically no one liked it because it was not a bite animation but a life drain.

They had a point, so it has been reverted to vanilla.

Stop laughing

The other controversial feature was Mockery of Life, and its -75% healing effectiveness at fledgeling rank. People uninstalled over this.

It is now -50%, making your healing spells half as ineffective, so now you can role play a person who can heal themselves.

Aged like milk

The other other controversial feature was vampire ranks. Unlike vanilla skills, which are levelled up through interactive activities such as picking 500 locks, vampire ranks mostly progressed over time, and at a vanilla timescale at that. Ain't nobody got time for that in a mod.

Moreover, only some races had alternate ways to rank up and from a certain point of view being able to rank up faster was all that mattered, so this was a big discussion point.

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So now every race does. You now grow wiser if you eat more fish, just like the Japanese.


The update is now available for PC SSE. It is theoretically also available on for PC and XB1, but in a turn of events no one could possibly see coming, seems to be broken right now. Given how much effort Bethesda dedicates to maintaining Skyrim, this should be fixed aaaany year now.

LE prot wen

When the mod is stable and does not get massive updates like this.


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