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I recently switched from Classic to SE. I was under the impression that, due to it being 64 bit, SE would run better than LE did. However this has been far from the case for me. Classic on high, with some settings on ultra, modded with 2K textures, SMIM, aMidianBorn texture replacers, flora overhaul, and other various mods nets me an easy 60fps at pretty much all times.

SE on the other hand is downright awful. When I first started up the game, unmodded, it was running awful. Bouncing between 20-30ish fps. I tried lowering the resolution to 900p and picking medium settings and was able to get 60fps in some areas outside and inside, but still often went down to between 20-30.

I tried a reinstall, downloaded some texture mods, got SE engine fixes, Cleaned Skyrim SE textures, and BethINI. I'm still getting about the same results as before, however. Some areas, caves and dungeons, and most of Whiterun, I tend to get 60fps mostly. Outside though I seem to quickly drop to the the 20's in certain areas, and especially in combat. This is all on 900p. If I set it to 1080p then still I pretty much get in the 20's anywhere I go.

Another problem is often on menus, inventory, and vendors, the cursor is very laggy. Oddly this never happens on the main menu, or during gameplay, and it never happens in the system or quest menus. Only inventory menus, vendors, and on character creation. I'm using SKYUI.

My rig is

Intel i7-6700HQ

Nvidia GeForce GTX 965M

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8GB Ram

I know it's not a powerhouse, but I would have thought I'd at least be able to get better performance than I currently am. Currently on SE I'm using Skyrim 2020 Parallax, SMIM, 3D trees, and bigger trees, along with other misc. smaller mods. Though again, I''m tending to get a relatively similar performance with these mods as I was with no mods beforehand. Does anybody have any ideas on anything else I could do to try and get better performance?

TL;DR Skyrim Classic on high, with some ultra settings, at 1080p, gets me an easy 60fps anywhere. SE even as low as 900p on medium is getting me as low as the 20fps range in some areas, regardless if it's modded or not. See rig.


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