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SeaSparrow’s Skyrim Stability Suggestions

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"Mod it until it breaks."

We've all heard this saying before. Skyrim's modding scene is so vast that new and experienced users alike can spend hours just looking through new mods to install and enhance their experience. However, when it comes to the inverse, people seem a lot less… engaged. I am unsure whether or not to chalk it up to stability being boring or people just not caring but in any case, I gathered all the mods I use to increase Skyrim's overall stability here for future reference and to steal your suggestions. In case you are waiting for someone to tell you to go and clean your plugins or which mod manager to use/not use… I'm not that person. As with any semi-heavy modlist, an alternative start mod like Live Another Life, Skyrim Unbound Reborn, or Realm of Lorkhan.

  1. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
  2. Bugfix Compilation – USSEP Jr. Check the description for fixes included.
  3. Skyrim Project Optimization
  4. Skyrim Worldspace Fixes – If you are using Realistic Water 2 and/or Smash, READ THE DESCRIPTION.
  5. Unofficial Material Fix – This requires SMIM, so I'm a bit weary putting it here.
  6. Enchantments Reload Fix
  7. Flora Respawn Fix
  8. Actor Limit Fix
  9. NPC AI Process Position Fix
  10. Hearthfires Houses Building Fix
  11. Halldir's Cairn Crash Fix
  12. Nilheim – Fixes a radiant quest bug.
  13. .NET Script Framework – CTD diagnostic tool and necessary for other fixes.
  14. Address Library for SKSE Plugins – Necessary for other fixes and a good band-aid for CC updates.
  15. Bug Fixes SSE
  16. SSE Fixes – In the INI file provided, set ReplaceMutex=1
  17. SSE Engine Fixes – Has SIMILAR fixes to SSE fixes. Make sure to read BOTH descriptions to get the desired effect. Engine Fixes no longer has an INI file and is instead using a .toml which you can edit with Notepad++. Functionally, it is identical to an INI file. If you are not using RaceMenu, set DisableChargenPrecache = true in the provided .toml file.
  18. SSE Display tweaks – Not using it to uncap my FPS obviously.
  19. PrivateProfileRedirector – Faster Game Start – Can confirm, works like a charm.
  20. Disease Fixes – The better at restoration you are the… worse the diseases you contract? In all seriousness, it changes the PlayerVampireQuestScript script. This means that if you plan on using a vampire overhaul (Sacrosanct, Better Vampire, or Sanguinair Vampirism) you are going to get errors. You can circumvent this by deleting the "scripts" folder in the mod but then you will notice that despite transforming into a vampire, you maintain all diseases. Shrines, Vigilants, and Potions can still cure those, though.
  21. Raven Rock – Fix Exit on Horseback – Not necessary if you use any of the popular Raven Rock overhauls, such as Quaint Raven Rock.
  22. Drela's Cottage – This may not be a "fix", per se, but I recommend it none the less.
  23. The Karthspire Giant – Speaking of things that are not exactly fixes, this is something that was meant to be in the game.
  24. Mount Anthor Dragon
  25. Fixed Dragon Stalking Fix – "LMAO you typed fix twice downvoted reported xdxd". Read the description of the mod. And if you are using the old fix, this is your cue to replace it.
  26. Here We Go Again – Radiantly Re-Radiates Radiant … Researches? I can't think of a synonym, I'll research one later.
  27. Run For Your Lives – Yes, I consider this to be strictly a bugfix.
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You may notice that I did not include SKSE64, More Informative Console, Console Commands Extender, ConsoleUtilSSE, PO3's Papyrus Extender, PapyrusUtil, JContainers, UIExtensions, Fuz Ro D-oh, Better Dialogue Controls, Better Messagebox Controls, and SkyUI. While I would highly, HIGHLY recommend these mods, they are not fixes and thus out of the scope of this… thing. If you made it this far, please take a few moments out of your day to go and endorse all these mods, give their authors a kudos, and possibly a DM to tell them that you appreciate all their work.


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