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(Self-promotion) Horoscope ladies – my work-in-progress project for realistic characters using Skyrim

Content of the article: "(Self-promotion) Horoscope ladies – my work-in-progress project for realistic characters using Skyrim"

Not sure if someone here know my works or not. Anyway, I'd like my works to be seen by more people as I think they deserve that. Here's my Nexus profile: . And you can see I put an all-in-one pic of my works there. (Bianka not included)

I make characters in Skyrim using Racemenu and mainly Mature Skin. Being realistic is not my only purpose, but I'm glad to see many people regard my works in this way. More precisely, I have plenty of ideas embedded in my creation, some of them are:

– Every character should be distinguished with each other, making them as unique as real person. (To see this, you may check this image:, as I can even tell each one apart by only the eyes and noses.)

– Being beautiful while realistic. You guys may knows that average face of a lot of people can be very attractive, and I think this is actually the way many of us use to make a "attractive" character in Skyrim. But the side effect is that you can hardly distinguish such faces with others. Being both unique and beautiful is not easy, but that's what's I'm going for in my works. And that's why my creation is so slow and limited. I pay huge attention to every subtle detail in my characters' faces. Many people said that I prefer "mature ladies". Yeah, I admit, at the beginning there were some personal tastes involved to make me go with such a style, but now I tend to describe my style as just being realistic. Real people are more "mature" than those in video games, that's it.

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– Reflecting some groups of people, in an impressionism way. My inspiration mainly comes from the reality. I usually set my characters with a background, including age, era, nationality, personality and so on. Those are not meant to be as complete as real stories, so I tended not to publish them.


To give me a better idea when creating, I have a concept called "horoscope ladies" behind my works. The idea is, as you may know, I considered many personalities along with the appearance of my character, to make your first impressions on them fit the designed ones. To be precise, I deliberated my ladies have personalities as in the descriptions of each horoscope signs. Jill has some traits of Aries: she's warm, outgoing, independent…as one may read from her look. And Yaara, the Jewish looking girl (I hope I was sucssessful on that), is introverted, serious and sensitive, while being stern and hard-working, as she's of Taurus. Along with the order of me publishing my new characters, each one are like above equipped with a zodiac sign in the 12-sign order respectively.

My motivation of the horoscope idea is quite simple: not because I'm really into this theory, as you may assume, but it's only because I found the personalities of each sign described in this theory can give a good direction for me to make my new characters unique, lively and distinguished from each other.

It's after I finished my third character, Marika, that I suddenly realized, Jill looked warm and easy-going, like a Aries, Yaara likes a Taurus, and Marika is quite designed to be a Gemini: smart while being wordy, with plenty of ideas and not easy to get controlled. Then the idea of making a series of horoscope ladies naturally came out.

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Now I'm working on the Capricorn lady, Bianka. As I mentioned it here, she's going to be an Hungarian in 19th century, living in Vienna. Hope you guys find something interesting in such a setting. Here's the wip portrait for her:

Just want my works to be seen by more people, as I'm confident and proud of them.


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