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Semi-nooby questions

Hello! I hope this is okay as it doesn't seem to contradict any of the rules.

My main focus is solo-questing, although I will probably join a guild eventually and hit the dungeons. At the moment I'm just enjoying soaking it is a bit. I'm not a total noob, but as near as.

  • How much should I be levelling my crafting while levelling? Is it like GW2 where crafted gear is basically irrelevant while levelling or is it more like WoW where it pays off? I'm making sure to research all the things I can at the end of the day because they're time-gated and that seemed sensible.

  • I'm levelling in Vvardenfell because that's where the game spat me out. Am I okay to work through it and then move on to the faction starting zones and following the story along? Is there a story to follow?

  • Potions, food and drinks confuse me a bit. What works with what and is it worth keeping them running? The stats feel a bit meaningless to me because I'm still but a wee noob and have no context.

  • Low-level gear that I'm not using: research, deconstruct or vendor?

  • Do you get any bonuses from joining a guild other than people to play with? There seems to be a huge focus on trading in the guild finder thing.

  • After playing around a bit, I've got for a templar with sword and shield, mostly because I liked the aesthetics. For my swap, I'm planning on going dual-wield because. There seems to be a focus on setting everything of fire, which is fun. Will this come to bite me in the bum later? I'm not desperately worried about being super meta until I hit 50, really.

  • For L50 gear, most guides seem to say Hunding's Rage is a decent gear to get and you craft it "with six traits" – does this mean I need to basically level up crafting and then unlock all the crafting skills?

  • Bag space has been my biggest financial priority – is there anything else I should prioritise while levelling.

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