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Serana Dialogue Add-On 2021 Dev Roadmap

Content of the article: "Serana Dialogue Add-On 2021 Dev Roadmap"

Hey guys and gals!

Martimius, the author of the SDA mod here. I made a quick development roadmap video for all the mod's plans this year (at least the first half), so at least y'all will know what to expect down the line! However, do take these plans with a certain grain of salt, as this really is a passion project and real-life stuff can happen.

I didn't address this in the video, but here's also a small word regarding xVASynth:

For those who are unaware of what it does, it's basically a text-to-speech synthesis program (with support of over 30 voices I think) across all recent Bethesda Game Studios titles. Laura Bailey's Serana voice is also currently supported. For those of you wondering if I will use this tool for the SDA mod, I will not. It's been so great working with Kerstyn and having an actual human VA behind the mic does wonders for a vocal performance. AI voices cannot demonstrate emotions or other subtleties of the human voice.

This, in my opinion, is a greater setback than having two Serana voices in one game. You're either stuck with a consistent, but robotic Serana, or two similar-sounding Serana voices- both human and organic. I have also already taken steps towards a partial revoice of some of the vanilla lines (radiant dialogue, mostly), which should decrease the overlap. My intention is for you to hear Laura Bailey's performance during scripted moments in the Dawnguard questline, and Kerstyn's voice outside of it.

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Again, thanks for all the support this mod has received. There's definitely more to come. Cheers, and stay tuned!

Edit: This isn't an official update note for one of the content updates, but this is something I'm going to gradually implement in all future versions: A Dynamic Dialogue Animation Framework. This allows Serana's base dialogue animations to change based on her current mood! This was implemented to some extent in vanilla (hence how Serana had different dialogue animations throughout the DG questline) but never fully realized. Now, at least when I start rolling out this new feature, Serana's base dialogue animations should be a lot more varied and unique.

Something else to be excited about I guess! Maybe I'll also release a demo video in the future hehehe.


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