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Serana Dialogue Add-On Romance Update + LE Port!

Content of the article: "Serana Dialogue Add-On Romance Update + LE Port!"

Hey guys,

Author of the Serana Dialogue Add-On mod here. A bunch of you probably already know this, but the Serana Romance update has been out on SE for about a day or two now. Some good stuff- primarily the fact that you're now able to romance Serana. Note, this is an actual romance, and not just a mod that lets you ask Serana to have sex with/marry you. Amorous Adventures had already done this to some extent, but with the Serana content, it characterized the player character as a horny Dovahkiin who instantly just wanted to bang her as soon as she woke up, and with Serana- she basically was reduced to a blood-thirsty slut who exchanges blood for more "favors".

I get that Amorous Adventures already had an adult-comedy and Casanova scope, but Serana's character was just plainly not done justice- as she's one of the only characters in the game who had well, character. Also, a horndog Dovahkiin may not be the player character that a lot of people want to play.

Now, with the capabilities of the new VA helping me out (Kerstyn Unger, she's awesome!) I have been able to write new, character-driven, and organic dialogue that is very in-line with Serana's character. This builds on a romantic relationship hinted at, but never fully explored in the base game. Hopefully, even though this is part of a mod, it should feel cohesive to the Dawnguard storyline and something that could be *ehem* lore-friendly.

Over 10 new conversations were added throughout the Dawnguard questline and after, with over 260 new lines as well as branching player dialogue and outcomes. You don't have to romance Serana if you don't want to, and depending on your dialogue choices, the relationship could either end up as purely a professional one, something platonic, or romantic. For the romantic route, it is also possible to marry Serana (but not in the traditional sense- marriage, but no formal ceremony, due to Serana's trauma with Molag Bal) It's also important to know that Serana won't engage in a romance with you unless your game character is currently single.

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Some other big news… the LE port of the mod is finally out for you Oldrim fans! (Link)

The update for the Xbox version is out too! (Link)

SDA also got featured in the Forbes magazine lately! (link) Honestly, thanks to everyone who supported this mod along the way. When I first authored SDA, I never thought it would shape up to be this popular, and impactful within in the community. More to come, so stay tuned!


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