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Serana Dialogue Add-On Version 2.0 Release!

Content of the article: "Serana Dialogue Add-On Version 2.0 Release!"

You heard it right. I get that a lot of people have been anticipating for a while, since this has been one of the bigger updates for this mod. In short, you get a whole lot of new dialogue with this latest iteration, which includes:

  • Extensive Main Quest Commentary. Not just one or two simple lines, but many new conversations have been added that cover the entirety of the Main Quest. Anywhere from as early as Bleak Falls Barrow, to the epilogue after Alduin.
  • Sleeping functionality. You can now ask Serana to sleep in any double-bed that is player-owned, considering there's one nearby. Even vampires need some shut-eye every now and then.
  • Reimplemented "What's on Your Mind" conversations, with better-written dialogue that supersedes the somewhat bland and one-note conversations that were previously there. Now when talking to her with this option, Serana's responses (28, chosen at random dependent on questline progress, surroundings, romance) should feel a lot more organic and authentic.
  • Reimplemented radiant hello dialogue, in a similar manner to what I did with “What’s on Your Mind?”
  • New trading dialogue. Serana won't just say the same 4 things each time- this has been doubled to a total of 8 random possible responses once the player chooses to trade items with her.
  • New “wait” dialogue. Same with the trading dialogue, there are now more responses when she is being asked to wait somewhere.
  • New Greets.
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Overall, nearly 300 voice lines have been implemented for this update. And this of course would not have been possible without Kerstyn (the wonderful new voice behind Serana), other mod authors with my Creation Kit and Papyrus headaches, as well as the modding community for all the support and enthusiasm behind this mod.

Now what are you waiting for? Go have some fun.



Xbox: (Not out yet, expect the port to come in a couple of days or so)


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