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Serrated Arrow Preview for Assassin Tools

Content of the article: "Serrated Arrow Preview for Assassin Tools"

Arrow Preview Here (Still WIP)

So I took up modeling cuz I am a little tired of not being able to the things into my mods I would like. This is a preview of the tip of the arrow for a new Serrated Arrow that will be the sister mod to Sneak Tools called Assassin Tools. The arrow will cause bleed damage over time.

Currently Assassin tools lets you randomize your kill move to ether backstab or slit throat with a bladed weapon. You can also decide to choose ether slit throat or backstab only. It allows you to toggle off extra sneak attack damage and you can kill people with the choke hold kill move if you are unarmed.

The current planned features are:
Crimson Scar: A dagger that feasts upon souls when you perform a kill move.

  • The Dagger "levels" the more souls it eats (kill moves feed it)
  • The Dagger will be sentient and voiced. I am unsure how far I can go with this but we will see.
  • The Dagger will grant you some buffs after it feasts lasting ten seconds or so. These effects will improve as it levels.
  • There will be some other things here but I have not fleshed them out and they are more fun / rp type stuff.


  • Serrated Arrows: Will cause bleed over time in the victim
  • Poison Mist Arrow: Will unless poison mist in the area around where the arrow strikes poisoning those around it.
  • Explosive Arrows: These arrows work like water arrows, but they will explode when they hit fire causing fire damage over time effect on anyone nearby.
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These are mostly the things I know I have plans to do, I am toying with poison ideas but honestly unless I can figure out how to get location damage on arrows I don't see a fun reason to use poisons because sneak attack is so strong. (thus why I added a toggle) I do know you can make skse plugins for location damage with arrows, but I can't find any info on how to do it or anyone who has done it who is interested in helping me at this time. So ongoing process.

Feel free to leave suggestions and comments if you so wish. I plan to go back and model all the arrows for Sneak Tools myself and I am thinking I wanna do them to be similar to thiefs arrows after which the mod was made up from I believe.


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