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Shezarrine, Dovahkiin, and the heresy of truth

To begin with, my post itself won't have links because I don't know how to format them. Though this is a post taking information I currently have and posing a question while I refer to a personal theory of my own.

To begin with, the curiosity I'm running into is beginning with Talos himself. Talos, the Imperial Hero-God of Mankind and patron (saint?) of just rule and civil society. In his title alone, the mentioning of Mankind is interesting to me. It implies that Talos has taken the Sphere of Man from Shezarr, the God of Man in the Alessian and Imperial Pantheon, and the original plus One. Here lies potential evidence of mantling, but mantling Shezarr instead of Lorkhan as I've heard others say.

Following this same line of thought, an interesting dilemma appears. A story has repeated itself. Alessia, a Dragonborn ruler, had fought alongside Pelinal against elven forces and specifically Umaril the Unfeathered, where Alessia was blessed by Akatosh as Dragonborn and made a saint at her death. Her life in freedom being spent ruling and teaching the Divines she established to her people. 2 eras later, Martin Septim fights Daedric forces led by an elf with an unnamed warrior to free Cyrodiil (and Nirn as a whole) of the invading forces. At the end of Martin's life, he himself ascends to a new status after being accepted as Dragonborn (not mantling Alessia, but becoming a Dragon God according to Sheogorath, our witness to the event instead of Sheogorath saying he became an avatar of Akatosh like Oblivion says). This warrior then goes on to get the blessings of each God, plus Talos in place of him being Shezarrine. The warrior then meets Pelinal before going to fight Umaril, completing his steps in Pelinal's path before finishing the task. At this point, it's unclear if Pelinal himself had been mantled by the same being that later became Sheogorath.

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{Pelinal and Tiber, bound by title}

Stepping back from the mantling, these 2 figures tied to Shezarr by being Shezarrine and mantling have a thing in common. According to "Before the Ages of Man," there existed an immortal, wandering king under many names. Ysmir, Hans the Fox, and Pelinal being the notable three. Hans the Fox isn't really relevant here, but this is record of two things. Ysmir and Pelinal go into the Merethic Era as well known names to the Atmorans. Two beings who are recorded also in the 1st era as Pelinal Whitestrake and the oldest Ysmir we know, Ysmir Wulfharth though both may hold the title of Ysmir. This title also died with them however until Hjalti met with the Greybeards. (Where he was titled Ysmir? Unclear why Ysmir when he was named Talos in Skyrim. Need source for where Ysmir first came from and why Skyrim says the Stormcrown before naming you Ysmir. Stormcrown is specifically Talos, Ysmir is a name for great kings.)

In here, we create an issue of 4 known living beings named Ysmir, though a compounded issue:

  1. The first Ysmir, was he a different person than Wulfharth, another name for Pelinal, or just Wulfharth himself?

  2. A difference lies in Ysmir Wulfharth and Ysmir Kingmaker. Both are the Underking, but Wulfharth had NEVER used magic. Ysmir Kingmaker does, suggesting a merger of Wulfharth and Arctus? Though rumors also say it could be Tiber since his first appearance was after Tiber died. Further theory on that later but +1 Ysmir.

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This also leaves us with 1 known Shezarrine Ysmir, 2 known Dragonborn Ysmir, and Wulfharth. Part of the question for myself begins here. But I'll state it later on and note here I label him Shezarrine myself (Shezarrine are immortals that found kingdoms).

{The Talos Principle}

Continuing on this here as this goes into the question and theory too. I apologize for this broken up thought process, but I'll explain it later.

Part 2 of this comes with Talos existing. This god simply didn't exist at least in the Iliac Bay, where he is from, until after the events of Daggerfall. Meaning the Warp in the West had 2 gods created from it. Worm King (God of Necromancy, Mannimarco without Mannimarco) and Talos, the Hero-God of Mankind did not exist until this point. This created an interesting point to look at which again I'll also cover in a theory. The Totem of Tiber Septim was an artifact attuned to the Mantella that could not be used unless you were blood related to Tiber Septim himself. This means that Mannimarco is an ancestor to Tiber, but is also a damning fact for the Underking.

Because of the Bloodline restrictions, neither Arctus or Wulfharth could use the Totem. But they did as the Underking, Ysmir Kingmaker. A being using Wulfharth's title and Arctus' role in the Empire. However before they could to this, they attacked the Blades guarding Tiber Septim's body. This could mean that the Underking is possessing his corpse, allowing for the Oversoul to form by the Underking being the 2nd to die in Tiber's body. This led to Talos being allowed to exist as an oversoul.

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The ascension leads into question number two.


Question 1: Was Wulfharth a Shezarrine, or a Dragonborn like Balgruuf said? (Though I myself have found no proof of this, I got into an argument that argued he was)

Question 1.5: Is it possible Wulfharth was born Dragonborn and the first summoning of him revived him as an aspect of Shor?

Question 2: Did Talos mantle Shezarr, or did Tiber become a god and the Warp in the West merge Tiber and Shezarr into Talos?


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