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Should trials have save points like in vMA and the new Markarth Arena? Also should crown be tradable?

Content of the article: "Should trials have save points like in vMA and the new Markarth Arena? Also should crown be tradable?"

Save points in Trials:

So let's say you are in a progress group trying to clear a vet Trial you are getting stomped at a certain boss and want to call it a night and come in the future to clear it, why shouldn't there be a save point just like in vMA and the new arena? in the new arena the moment we clear a boss we get a save point, those save points can increase the clear rates on trials as we spend less time on bosses we can clear/trash fights and more time on bosses groups have difficult time. So let me give you an example my group runs vHoF and we had 2 3 hour runs, we spend over 1 hours just for breaks and till we get to triplets so essentially we are around 1-1.5 hours on that boss and people get tired and stay less focused, if we could save our progress when we jump back in we can skip all previous bosses and just focus the triplets, same thing can probably be applied in other trials as well. Poll

This won't encourage selling runs and inviting people on last boss as we still need to get credit for all previous kills as well (like vBRP for example)

Should we be able to trade crowns straight away?

So let's say I got 500 crowns left, I won't buy crown in the near future and I have no use for them it's really hard to find a justified item for such little amount so some people just wanna sell it but rarely would someone buy 500 crowns from a person, also this will diminish the chance at a scam, people are getting scammed out of their crowns on a daily basis so people are more hesitant with their crowns, however if we could put crowns in trade window that could remove the risk of getting scammed. Warframe has their premium currency tradeable and it works fine. Poll

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I know my 2 suggestions are a bit ambitions but who knows, ZOS might listen, if this gets enough positive feedback I'll post it on the official forums (I know zos doesn't check reddit I just want to get the communities opinions first)


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