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Since everyone just got a 6M dummy from the event, what’s a good baseline parse on it, rather than the 21M trial dummy?

I understand why people use the 21M instead, but since I don't have that available but I (and pretty much everyone else now) do have the 6M I'm curious about that, especially since it's more relevant to the level of damage in normal PvE where there's no guarantee of anyone giving you buffs or debuffing anything unless you do it yourself.

I've tried looking this up but the answers are both old and all over the place, from 15K to 25K or more. I've been practicing on it on my magsorc this afternoon but I feel like I have no way to judge where I should even be at given the gear I have (off trait mother's sorrow inferno staff, the infused shock mother's sorrow staff from the deshaan quest, and three pieces of off trait mother's sorrow armor, with the other 5 piece being either medusas, lich, or crafty alfiq – I've swapped around and tried each and they all give nearly identical performance).

Like I can hit 15K consistently with the different sets I've tried, and I can tell that my rotation starts getting progressively more scuffed over the course of a parse as I start slipping up and have to deal with sustain issues, and while I feel like I can maintain a good LA weaving rhythm in the short term I inevitably end up messing up the timing after a while.

Am I in the realm of "ok, you're doing fundamentally the right thing and just need to improve your muscle memory and get the rotation tighter," do I need to reevaluate my approach significantly, or am I missing some simple but critical element? Like I'm thoroughly aware that my execution needs work, but I've been unable to find information on whether it's just execution and a lack of the exact rolls and gear I need, or if there's some additional fundamental problem that I need to solve in addition to just building better muscle memory.

Hell, overall DPS aside what are the strict damage numbers I should be seeing from each skill? Like what is the actual overall damage that, say, unstable wall of storms should be doing over its duration? How much damage should my spammable and its corresponding light attack be doing outright? For that matter how much should each light attack itself be? I guess what I'm getting at is how much pure, theoretically optimal damage should the action of each global cooldown be contributing, before the issue of consistent execution and timing even comes into play?

I keep searching for a breakdown like this and literally everything I find through google is just shit like "ok now your damage, that's from LA weaving, gotta do that, do your rotation, that's what damage is, just gotta do that, easy 100K with trash gear and no CP" with no elaboration, numbers, or dissection of what is actually going on. Even the most thorough guides I've found don't go any deeper than explaining what LA weaving is and telling you to just practice your rotation, and maybe if they're really thorough they'll tell you to go get trials gear too. Which is not exactly helpful when it comes to understanding or building a proper frame of reference.


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