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Sithis, Lorkhan and Kynareth, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit,

In my opinion these three show inspiration from Christian theology, which I don't think is too much of a stretch considering the already existent inspiration from Christianity.

Firstly, Sithis as God the Father. There's a few interpretations of this entity, and I would like to focus on the creative interpretation of it.

Sithis is thus the Original Creator, an entity who intrinsically causes change without design. – The Monomyth.

Sithis is the start of the house. Before him was nothing, but the foolish Altmer have names for and revere this nothing. – Sithis.)

Sithis sundered the nothing and mutated the parts, fashioning from them a myriad of possibilities. These ideas ebbed and flowed and faded away and this is how it should have been. – Sithis.)

Sithis is the essence of change and therefore creation, mirroring the characterisation of God the Father as responsible for the genesis of the world. Similarly both are transcendent beings. Very few cultures worship or bother with Sithis at all as he's more unknowable than other gods, once again this is similar to God the Father who is the more distant aspect of God, which is most clear when compared to the Son and the Holy Spirit. And additionally, Sithis is the 'Dread Father,' which speaks for itself.

Lorkhan is the Son in a few ways. Firstly he is born from Sithis, just as Christ was born of divine essence. (Admittedly it's not necessarily a the birth of the Son, just his incarnation, but for now that doesn't matter.) The parallels from here though are more interesting, as both Lorkhan and Christ undergo a necessary sacrifice to fix an aspect of the world. Jesus sheds blood to repair the relationship between God and man and to wash away the sin of Adam's Fall. Compare to Lorkhan, who's death lets his heart become the 'Heart of the World.'

"This Heart is the heart of the world, for one was made to satisfy the other." – The Monomyth.

The powers also created Red Tower and the First Stone. This allowed the Mundus to exist without the full presence of the divine. In this way, the powers of Ada-mantia granted the Mundus a special kind of divinity, which is called NIRN, the consequence of variable fate. – Nu-Mantia Intercept

Additionally both undergo unlawful persecution, Christ at the will of Rome and the Sanhedrin, and Lorkhan at the will of the Aedra. In both cases they are martyrs who had to die. Both Lorkhan and Christ act as agents of the will of Sithis and the Father in similar fashions. Kynareth mirrors the Holy Spirit in a few clear ways. Firstly she is represented very clearly by birds in every cultural interpretation she has. And the Holy Spirit is almost always artistically shown as being a dove. But secondly, Kynareth is "the divine of wind and rains." and the Holy Spirit can be understood in a few ways, one of these ways is as the power of God manifest on earth, particularly as the wind. The other links between these two they grant power to the faithful. The Holy Spirit is poured upon people and allows them to live a virtuous life as well as the facilitation of miracle by the Apostles, just as Kyne gives man the Thu'um.

Kyne called on Paarthurnax, who pitied Man, Together they taught Men to use the Voice, Then Dragon War raged, Dragon against Tongue – Tablets on the Throat of the World.

As well as that Kynareth and Lorkhan are very closely linked, as they are married in Nord mythology. And interestingly she is the current head of the pantheon.

We Nords consider Kyne as the leader of the gods – Divines and the Nords.

Whereas Shor is dead and in Sovngarde (Just as the Son is in heaven, with the Father.), Kyne remains active in the world, just as the Holy Spirit is the only aspect of the Trinity who significantly acts on Earth.

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This last connection is most fascinating, and links to this post by u/Padhome and the established connection between Kynareth and Merdia. In Gnostic Christianity Sophia is sometimes considered to be the Holy Spirit. Therefore Meridia is the Gnostic Holy Spirit, whereas Kynareth is perhaps a more Orthodox Holy Spirit, or somewhere in between. Last but not least, the Dark Brotherhood venerates Sithis, and is explicitly inspired by Catholicism.

This isn’t really a solid theory or anything of the like, just my interpretation of the Christian influence on the series.


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