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SKSE64 Properly Installed but Not Recognized

Content of the article: "SKSE64 Properly Installed but Not Recognized"

Well, that was a waste of a Sunday.

I'm dealing with what feels like a very basic problem, but I haven't yet been able to solve it. I've installed SKSE64, used its launcher to successfully run the game, used the getskseversion command successfully to confirm it's installed, all good. Then I turn on SKYUI to test if SKSE64 is being recognized, and it isn't. The exact error message from LOOT is "This plugin requires "Skyrim Script Extender ( SKSE 64 )" to be installed, but it is missing."

I can successfully run the game through the SKSE64 launcher, but any utility that relies on it isn't appearing. I haven't done extensive testing on the other mods because SKYUI is kind of the basic level and a bunch of other mods rely on it.

What should I try next?

A fairly comprehensive list of what I've tried so far to get it to work: 1. Followed the Beginner's Guide through the initial install and a reinstall. Everything but SKSE64 has worked. Using MO2 throughout. 2. Manually installed SKSE64. 3. Deleted the manual installation files and did the main folder files manually/installed scripts through MO2 as many suggest. 4. Tried several .ini file configurations suggested in different support posts. 5. Changed all of my windows defender settings to except/ignore everything having to do with any of my skyrim files, folders, or .exe files. 6. Uninstalled Skyrim SE and reinstalled, manually installed a fresh copy of SKSE64 and its scripts, followed the videos and tutorials. 7. Installed Vortex to see if it would recognize anything differently, immediately gave me a popup that SKSE64 wasn't recognized. 8. Regularly relaunched the game with the SKSE64 .exe to check that it was still installed properly and the version was registering. 9. Tried an older version of SKYUI (2.2) to see if that would fix it, still not recognized when I loaded in to the game. 10. Initially realized that there was a problem when Alternate Start: Live Another Life wasn't working, but I seem to remember it using SKYUI menus from when I last played 5+ years ago. 11. RaceMenu is also highlighting SKSE64's absence in LOOT. 12. Looked up every damn support post I could find on this issue and am kind of in despair, it seems like a lot of people eventually give up because of this problem. I just want to play skyrim, I've had a craving for months 🙁

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Plugin list (intended, haven't had any mods but SKYUI turned on during testing):


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