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Sky Blades – Latest Update

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Hey guys,

I recently got back into Skyrim and downloaded the Sky Blades mod that overhauls Whiterun (in and out), the blades temple and adds a new city with a player home in the Sky. I have the latest update as I downloaded the mod for the first time last week.

So my problem is that my game crashes anytime I fast travel to Whiterun or when I walk through the gate. I don't know what is causing it. I've not downloaded any other mod that changes Whiterun from the inside or outside other than Breezehome TNF – which after testing, doesn't affect the mod at all. The mod author specifically mentioned that any mods that affect the OUTSIDE of Whiterun will clash. I have no such mod. Even with Breezehome tnf, it doesn't affect the crashes whatsoever. It will crash with or without that mod.

I removed every mod that adds a significant amount of npcs into Skyrim like the civil war patrols and civil war increased activity mod. The only mod I'm still running is increased population. I haven't tested whether that is the reason for the crashes but it's because I doubted it would be. It will be my next test on Monday. But I did delete the increased militia mod. And when I tried finding answers from others online, their games crashed upon entering Whiterun without that mod installed.

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Everywhere in the game, I have no issues. There are no mods conflicting as far as I'm aware and the only performance issue I have is very slight due to dense grass. I barely feel it (it's all the way near the bottom). Sky Blades is completely at the bottom.

I can't post my load order right now as i am away from home till monday – in which case i will do a continuation post with my load order typed up when i get back. However, I followed the Bethesda guidelines for standard load orders to a T. Till then, i would appreciate to hear if anyone else has come across this issue and what steps they followed if/when they solved it.

I'm hoping for some answers or at the very least some newer insights. It's driving me mad!


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