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Skyrim CRASH Failed to allocate memory

Greetings, I'm a new mod user who just started modding recently. My modded Skyrim LE seems to crash after 1-2 min or in places like Whiterun and Solitude, the error it shows is "Skyrim has failed to allocate memory! Possible running out of memory. Size/ alignment of object being allocated was 22369768" then it provides some fixes I could do which I did all of them but the problem still occurs.

Yes I did went around the internet for a long time seeing people who got the same issue and tried a bunch of fixes that still didn't work.

I understand that it may be due to weak memory power to handle 60 mods I installed which makes sense but I'm sure my computer spec can shouldn't be this weak as I have compared with other people's. I didnt have a problem before until I started cleaning the mod cycles in vortex since its looping and messing around with mod rules in VORTEX. I also got LOOT and let it help with my load order and problem detective incase Im missing a few files I needed to download.

I downloaded SKSE and ENBoost because people say it helps and tweak the settings to match my computer specs and reserved memory things. I can provide any info regarding the specific settings if needed.

Usually if it's missing files or conflicting mod files then LOOT helps me identify and I fixed it quickly but this time the game seems to crash from not being able to handle mods that they used to be able to.

I think i can just go around disabling mods but there are too many and I used to be able to run them then but now i cant. I cant really tell if a mod works or not since not all of them is from NEXUS. Especially the 1.8 Skyrim realistic overhaul.

cpu: RYZEN 6 1600

gpu: GTX 1060 6GB
memory: 16GB dual-slot RAM ddr4 2132




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