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Skyrim Grand Wedding Overhaul – Idea/Request

Lets be honest, the wedding ceremony in the Temple of Mara is very lackluster , with a maximum of 7 possible guests attending, but by the end of the game there is the possibility that you are the most important person in all of skyrim, you deserve something grand if you have earned everything up to that point. I always thought of marriage in skyrim as a cool little thing you could do around the end of your playthrough to get some kind of recognition for all that you have done. Here's some of my ideas;

A large Cathedral somewhere in skyrim, most likely a hospitable zone, centered in the middle of all of the holds.

A whole questline devoted to planning and executing the perfect wedding, gaining acceptance from your spouses family, collecting funds, paying for services, such as performers , guards from your chosen factions or guilds, cooks and servants.

A special chosen follower as your best/man/woman up to 5 Bachelorettes or Bachelors for you and your spouse to have standing tall with you during the ceremony.

Maybe you don't want to be married in the light of Mara, maybe you want a priest of Akatosh to come in from the imperial city, or a Dark Brotherhood listener to marry you in the name of Sithis.

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Different themed weddings based off of your alignment or favorite guild/faction , maybe you want to be represented as the dragonborn and have your theme include dragon skulls hanging from the rafters , or have a military themed wedding to celebrate being free from the empire or defeating the rebellious stormcloaks.

Chosen color themed apparel for you and your guests, personalized wedding rings, and finally what I think would be very important, every person you have helped in skyrim actually showing up to congratulate you. It's easy to lose track of all of the side quests you've done, but if you are the leader of multiple guilds, have saved countless people, are the thane of many holds, why wouldn't you have hundreds of people at your wedding?

Maybe optional wedding combat events, everything from a drunken brawl between guests to a literal dragon showing up to crash the party.

I'm not much of a modder, so I thought Ide just throw this out there since the options on wedding mods are kinda short sighted, they really don't do much but slightly improve on something that should just be torn down and redone .

I'm sorry if this rubs anyone the wrong way, I don't mean to downtalk any existing mods, I know that this might be too much for skyrim to handle, I just don't think it's impossible to reach some of these goals.

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