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Skyrim LE conflicts and errors.

Content of the article: "Skyrim LE conflicts and errors."

Hello guys, i wanted to ask bit help/advices to novices like me about findings errors and conflicts with installed mods. Usually i use NMM or MO2, after install mods n did needable patches – fnis/dual sheath redux etc i go to Loot for fix load order. If Loot advices me to fix some mods by tes5edit, i do autoclean mode in it for these mods, then Loot again for check it n finish. Today i knew tht i can open tes5edit to check errors. I cant fix them cuz cant understand how but still can look it (usually i have 10 or less errors). My question is wht else i shall to do or/and how else i can find conflicts with my mods to prevent ctds n bugs in future. I tried to do bashed patch today (i dunno why, just thought its needed) it did all by default but after enable patch i got tons of bugs n lags so i just deleted it. Perhaps i need it only when i really understand i need to combine something or fix leveled list, which im not really sure i use. Sorry for my English, im trying. About Ctds – usually i havnt it almost until i start to use mods like an Alternate Start, Ultimate Combat, Combat Gameplay Overhaul, TK Hitstop, Auto Unequip Ammo n others. Ctds can be with all these mods together and rapidly when i use them single. I mean i want to use some of these mods but i havnt any idea how to start find conflicts. Sorry again for noobish questions and your time. That's my Plugins List atm:

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Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch.esp
Extended UI.esp
Apocalypse – The Spell Package.esp
Acquisitive Soul Gems – Russian.esp
Surreal Lighting.esp
The Dance of Death – Ultimate Edition.esp
Immersive Weapons.esp
Ears Through Helmets.esp
dD – Enhanced Blood Main.esp
dD-Dragonborn-Dawnguard-EBT Patch.esp
Ordinator – Perks of Skyrim.esp
Apocalypse – Ordinator Compatibility Patch.esp


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