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Skyrim PS4 Load Order Help and Suggestions

Content of the article: "Skyrim PS4 Load Order Help and Suggestions"

Hey guys, I recently got into modding a few weeks ago and filled my game up with mods. I know the mod limit is 100 on PS4. My aim was to enhance the immersion and improve on Bethesdas vision of the game. I would really like if you could give me some tipps for my load order because I have some FPS issues in populated places and my game crashes sometimes. Here is my load order:

  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

-Multiple Unofficial patches for the Creation Club content

-Phenderix Magic Reloaded Part 1

-Phenderix Magic Reloaded Part 2

-Stones of Barenziah Quest Marker

Lampposts of Skyrim: Special Edition

-Magical College of Winterhold

-Vampire Knights

-Lore-Based Loading Screens

-Extended Leveling Merchants

-A God's Ring

-Lumious Atronachs


-WATER: Water and Terrain Enhancement

-World Encounters Overhaul

-Civil War Patrols

-GET No More Dead Merchants

-GET No More Dead Followers

-Dolomite Weathers and Lighting

-Better Horses

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-Civil War Refugees

-Perks from Questing

-Guard Dialogue Overhaul

-Hold Riders

-Civil War Checkpoints

-Dunmer Settlements of Solstheim

-Varied Guards and Soldiers

-Hold Border Banners

-Civil War Healers

-Civil War Battlefields

-Bee Hives

-Point the Way

-Manor Roads

-Unleveled Items

-Indoor Lighting Overhaul (PS4)


-Darkwater Crossing


-Soljund's Sinkhole

-JK's Dragonbridge

-JK's Ivarstead


-TGC Rorikstead by Soldierofwar

-Village of the Skaal

-More Blood and Gore!

Better Combat AI

-True Alteration Armor Visuals

-Ars Metallica

-Call Armies Room

-JK's Major Towns

-IA92's Epic Faction Strong Holds

-Stendarr's Beacon: Enhanced

-Epic Dawnguard Patrols

-Immersive Citizens – AI Overhaul

-Hold Capitals: Falkreath

-Hold Capitals – Immersive Citizens Falkreath

Modified Inns City and Taverns

-Hold Capitals: Dawnstar

-Hold Capitals: Winterhold

-Hold Capitals: Morthal

I am also planning to add Follower Mods. Where should I put these in my Load Order? And yes I have two Ivarstead mods but they seem compatible. I would glady appreciate any help of you guys!

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