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Skyrim SE keeps unexpectedly freezing. Need an advanced fix – SKSE SE 64

Content of the article: "Skyrim SE keeps unexpectedly freezing. Need an advanced fix – SKSE SE 64"

Title. It can happen at anytime, in the middle of a fight, or a conversation, while drawing a bow or casting a spell. It’s happened as I died once to a dragon during a cinematic. It happened when I finished the final War quest and had to do it again. The point is, it happens a LOT, and for no clear or apparent reason.

It started when I was using Skyrim SE straight out of Steam. For the record I have maybe 75-80 mods installed now, I don’t think its over 100 yet but still a lot, and I don’t think it’s helping my situation, but I can’t seem to isolate the problem to a specific mod. I started using SKSE 64 for the Special Edition and now I run it from there since it’s not on Steam yet. I have also manually ported several of my Oldrim mods to the SE version, but the problem was occurring before that.

I considered a hardware issue but my temps have been consistent and my drivers are up to date. I even opened the case and put a large fan next to the panel just to be on the safe side. For what it’s worth my PC isn’t exactly a top of the line build, its a stock Alienware that I’ve modified to the furthest extent its base hardware would allow. Nevertheless it’s possible some sort of graphical error could be occurring due to graphics mods, but if that’s the case I’m not sure how to fix it. I’ll put my specs at the bottom.

I can usually run the game for about 30-45 minutes until it freezes. The freeze itself is instantaneous and comes with no warning. 60 fps to absolute zero. Sound continues to loop in the background but no actions can be taken. Alt-F4, Alt-Tab or Ctrl-Esc do not work. Task Manager will not pop up and the Skyrim interface will be locked to the screen. The only way to reset it is to Ctrl-Alt-Delete, then sign out of Windows entirely, forcing Steam and Skyrim to shut down, then logging back in.

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At this point I have quicksaving bound to a hotkey. I’m at my wits end on troubleshooting this issue and I’ve yet to find google results that specifically address this, most focus on Oldrim SKSE. Any help you guys can provide would be most appreciated.

Tl;dr Modded Skyrim SE freezing need help

Specs: i7-4790, 16GB DDR3 2770mhz, GTX 1050Ti. The mobo is a stock Alienware mobo, hence all the previous gen hardware.


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