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Skyrim SE mod: The Quill’s Sonnet – A Bard Themed Home (City Version)

Content of the article: "Skyrim SE mod: The Quill’s Sonnet – A Bard Themed Home (City Version)"

Created by Cursedobjects and Ported to the XB1 by WillOhTheWisp.

Recorded and shown on an Original Xbox One. Presented by Reaping Modz on Youtube. Links below for original mod on Nexus as well as to view info on the Ported version available for the XB1 which is the version shown HERE (link to video)

"Description: A small and cosy home made for the single bard who loves to invest in the collection of books and the writing of music. Heavily inspired by Jaskier from the Witcher tv series as an author and songwriter. It is a small home that does not have much room for NPCs due to its small size. Ideal for a single character/player without massive amounts of followers. However, the house is navmeshed so NPCs can enter, leave and interact with the home. The House is located in Solitude with a map marker for easy fast travelling. It also plays custom music to fit the atmosphere of the home perfectly. Key is located in a bag behind the house by the rocks." -Mod Page

"This is the city version, which is located after the bridge across the way from the Hall of the Dead. Please note that this cannot be used together with the non-city version, as the ESPs have the same name." -Mod Page

Read more:  I want to replace one mesh in the game with a mesh I made but all of the six or seven modding tutorials I've used have been incomplete.

Hope this tour helped give you guys a sense of the features this home has to offer, and if it's right for you, give it a download and give the mod author and porter some love for their work. Links will be down below. Thanks for watching guys! Would love any kind of feedback so I can make better content for you all.






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