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Skyrim SE Xbox One Order Assistance

I have a lot of mods installed and I thought I had them ordered correctly. If anyone can help sort it out properly, I would greatly appreciate it. The mods I have are as follows as I currently have them ordered. If anything needs to be reordered, please let me know.
-Race Compatibility for Skyrim SE
-Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
-Marriage All Xbox1
-Kissing – Immersive Lovers
-Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions
-Longer Days: Realistic Timescale
-M Rens Dark Nights
-Planetary Alignment
-Far Better Sun
-Surreal Lighting
-True Storms
-Skyrim Is Windy
-Helgen House – Xbox
-Books Of Skyrim – Special Edition
-Lampposts Of Skyrim
-Alduin's Meteor Shout
-Take Out Ore Spell
-Helgen Starter Chest
-Archery Tweaks – Seasoned Aim
-Master Of Destruction
-Helmetless Armor Perks
-VioLens – A Killmove Mod
-Heart Breaker – Killmove Mod
-Immersive Wenches
-Deadly Wenches
-Hateful Wenches
-Forgotten Wenches
-Judgement Wenches
-Diverse Guards Skyrim
-Nightbringer – Grim Reaper Enemy
-Nightmare The Dremora God
-Monsters Reborn
-18 different follower mods (including Sofia, Recorder and Mirai)
-Crystal Maiden's Arsenal
-Fade Other and Conjure Dragon Priest Spells
-See Enchantments
-Fire HD
-Transparent and Refracting Ice
-Voltage by SRWO
-Enhanced Blood Textures
-Dualsun Animation Replacer
-Just New Female Animations
-Immersive Sword Draw Sound Effect
-Skyrim 4k Loading Screens
-A Quality World Map
-Pastel Map Markers
-GET No More Dead Merchants
-GET No More Dead Followers
-GET Seriously Overstocked
-GET Better Potion Recipes
-STAR Triple Gold
-Master Trader 20x
-Crafting Supplies All In One
-NPC Clothes Changer
-Lovely Longswords
-Circlet Of Ultimate Alchemy
-Earring Of Godly Unburden
-Potion Of Ultimate Leveling
-Perk Point Book
-Playable Blood Elf Race
-Ashara Skyrim Characters Presets
-Lightning Preset
-Beast Race Hair Overhaul
-KS Hairdos Lite
-SHC My Favourites Replacer
-Heterochromia Complete
-Fangs & Eyes: Vampire Appearance Mod
-Bijin AIO
-The Kids Are Alright
-Lein's Dark Brotherhood Replacer
-Ish's Ars Armorum
-Royal Armory
-The Swordsman Assortment
-Katana Crafting
-Weapons Of The Third Era
-Silver Alloy Smithing
-Dragonspear – Crafting
-Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons
-Chrysamere by Lautasantenni
-1k Billyro Compendium
-Swords Of The Gods
-Hammerfell Shields
-Game Of Thrones House Shields
-Convenient Crossbows
-Crossbows Of Skyrim
-Nicos Craftable Arrows
-Blood Matron
-The Blue Rose Sword
-Epic Crossbow Bolts
-Robin Hood's Outfit and Bow
-Ciri Armor Mod With Sword
-Armor Variants Expansion
-Dark Brotherhood Mail
-Zerofrost's Armors AIO
-Daedric Light Armor
-Diamond Smithing Complete
-Lightning Armor
-Tera Armors Collection
-Tera Armors Collection – Leveled List
-The Vigilants' New Clothes
-Vittoria Vici's Secret
-Stalhrim Bikini Armor
-Daedric Kynval Armor
-Wearable Dragon Aspect
-Crown Helmets Redux
-Angelic Halos and Demonic Horns
-Ashara Dragon and Bear Jewelry
-Blindfolds Of Skyrim
-Face Masks Of Skyrim
-Cloaks Of Skyrim
-Helmets With Circlets
-Divine Punishment
-Stones Of Barenziah Quest Markers
-Draco's Longer Potion Duration
-Enchantments Unleashed
-Xbox – Disenchanting Overhaul
-100 Extra Effects Enchantments
-Dynamic Camera
-No Edge Glow
-Proper Aiming
-Increased Follower Limit
-My Home is Your Home
-Visible Favored Gear
-Dragon Combat Dialogue
-Alternate Start – Live Another Life


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